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  1. Healthy pups them Healthy every thing about they dogs n photos,,
  2. Excellent mate, good job that,, atb
  3. ma bull bitch n collie grey bitch .. bomber 9 months
  4. ma pup 11 months pup bred out ma bitch toffee,,no done much cause his size and weight thuo hes starting to take shape, got a 21 month a bull bitch an 3 year old colliegrey,, looking forward to good seasons ahead..
  5. This is my pup coming on12 months now, bred out ma bitch toffee,,not done much due to his size an weight,, starting to take shape now thuo,,, cheers,,
  6. not been on for a while due to basically no havin a dog to run through 1 thing or 10,, but ave got a story about a 10 month bullx pup who had a few serious set backs in her short working life, al be the first to admit years ago a would of got rid of this bitch after a start to life was always going to affect her long term build,stamina, joints ect, but a decided to persist and be patient way her,which meant going without a dog for near 4 months due to ma bitch toffee being lined, so 10 months comes ma pups solid looking now the unhealty coat gone out way go last wed ,lampin a few bunnys no kills but raised eybrows from myself to how good she ran the lamp and came in no bother sunday morning out for rabbits, well ma pup turned up 2nd real mooch boom the collie grey puts 1 up held pup for about 5 seconds slipped her an after a good run on a fast firm surface she nipped it, not just up there with the biggest daytime ears ave had but defo 1 off the most satisfiying an lit the fire in the old belly for the game again.. lookin forward to a good season,, cheers,,,
  7. i dont no what that means?? did u get that carp on your picture to suck you off beacause you have got a ginger beard?? i anserd your stupid question with a stupid question were even!! takes all sorts mate know where your coming from but you be better to learn to spell before you start slagging other people lol mate
  8. thats ma bitches pups 2 weeks today her second litter,the dog in avatar was from her 1st.6 dogs 2 bitrches..

    1. nothernlite


      nice bitch good luck with them

  9. patience an time pal dont run before you can walk ,pups are hard work, a like to choose a exercise ie jumping retrieving ect and consentrate on that till the dogs confident about what your asking it to do then focus on the next command, hold him off your first bolter watch how keen he is then make your own mind up weather you think hes ready.. atb
  11. na mate no licking the brown< even thuo a thought that was funny> you ever seen me full of the bevy,, am sure by noo most people a wis giving a feck about have read it anyway..cheers
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