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  1. Too wet to run, hasn't stopped raining for a week. Wouldn't dream of lamping this time of yr.11 pm before its owt like a dark night
  2. I could understand the bitching and slagging off if Alli was a showman that bred his dogs for money and didn't work them during the winter... I know for a fact he has given pups away also seen his dogs work. Green eyed monsters.. Always a bad thing in the world.. Makes you bitter.
  3. Yep it's a shite hole and I live there... Work in a worse one.. Scunthorpe
  4. Having never had a yapping b*****d besides a dog I took in when it's owner was under the knife.. I wouldn't know. Each to there own, I like to see ratting terriers enter early.. To early for most folk but have never been in a rush to start a running dog. I'm maybe doing it wrong.. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. If it had all gone tits up would you have posted on here.. You must have had confidence in that bitch anyone? I would have just waited until winter and enjoy a mooch about during the day over the summer months. My bitch is bursting to run something, but I will not go out of my way as yet to kill anything. If she kills on a mooch so be it,if not fine.
  6. Only thing is.. It caught easy Uneducated summer rabbits. Will she yap like she has been on your local lamp shy winter rabbits... My bet she will
  7. Be lucky and find a first cross built like a 3/4 bred..
  8. Kes To kill a mockingbird Rebecca Jaws A kid for two farthings
  9. Done it twice and as above,would never again.
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