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  1. there also the heol y cyw terrier and lurcher fair
  2. yes mate only when down there for a quick hour, searching for other permission now
  3. right lads n lasses how many off your dogs can catch a rabbit on a golf course, mine have caught rabbits in most field but took him on golf course other night and wasn't even close, fast fuckers
  4. bit off help, i got the dog spot on with recall when was a pup but since i been lamping him he just dont want to listen, any ideas on how to get him to come back straight away ? tried walking away and shouting nothing seams to work any advice welcome
  5. i use straw mate, hay becomes moldy after a while
  6. chuck it in boiling hot water for 10 ish min mate easier to skin then
  7. defo a app that one of the admins should make
  8. right guys ive gone out with a fella off here a few months ago to show my dog the lamp he run the rabbit caught it but was playing with it so i left him to mature more hes now about 13 months and still doing it any ideas on how can get him to retrieve them and not play ?
  9. im sorry boys but there would be no way id let the farmer get away with shooting my dog weather was poaching or not at least go knock on the farmers door and ask for permission
  10. i have also got the same problem with the gates, get his favorite toy and chuck it over and he should eventually jump it
  11. thats a cracking offer if only i had a spare kennel
  12. looking for a kennel as close as possible to south wales
  13. jill is albino and hob is a polecat x albino apparently, they were but aint had the time lately for them thats why getting rid, the hob was a little reluctant coming to hand on holes, but if you got tubes sure you could sort that out
  14. jill and hob for free, they aint been to many warrens as the warrens are poor up my way, getting out off the ferreting 2 years old jill and hob approx free to a good home, south wales
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