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  1. A lot of times things carry themselves away only to fall yards away when the body realises it's already dead, a lung shot will nearly Allways result in this I find. You can see the shot placement on this fox that I had not quite given enough winage..... The ballistic round will have shredded the lungs, this fox flipped and ran 10-20yds then dropped stone dead, a perfect placement will result in them just flopping over like someone turned off a light. Every situation is different. I would just assume the vital organs ie brain and heart were missed and on this occasion the pigeon and as with the fox it quickly shut down from a lung shot. As clinical as we try to be with our shooting it's not allways to be. Nice shooting by the way Y.i.s Rossi Edited to answer your original question, as with any calibre discussion, for me it's all about placement when it comes to air rifles, my preference is the 177. For no other reason than I feel more confident with the flatter trajectory, therefor giving me better accuracy. Calibre is just a personal preference, both will do the job as we all know, it's down to the man behind the trigger.
  2. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    Speaking of .177 This nice dog fox fell at a very respectable 150yds on Thursday evening . In total darkness too.... Apart from the Ir that is haha
  3. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    I'd rather that than bite down on them lol. You could recycle them if you load your own haha
  4. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    Just dealing with those rabbits...... And Mark there is a bottle of wine in this photo for you ! And for anyone who loves there food porn as much as their hunting porn, here is the deer hock roasted in Parma ham Y.I.S Rossi
  5. rossi_j

    Few Hours Yesterday

    All with air rifle ftm? Or did you swap to shotties ? Nice shooting eitherway Regards rossi
  6. rossi_j

    Out With The Aa Diabolo Hunters

    Nice shot buddy, Gosh when you boys get onto something, you really lay the boot in !!
  7. rossi_j

    Autumn Evenings Pt2

    Crispy Shredded squirrel in little Chinese pancakes with cucumber and hoisin sauce, if your worried about it drying out you could wrap it in Parma ham before cooking. Nice pics Regards Rossi
  8. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    P.s she's not my wife, maybe that's where people go wrong lol
  9. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    The row buck was shot on my local estate, during a waked up stalk with the keeper in tow, I know it's not strictly air rifle banter but it seemed in keeping with the direction the thread was taking with regards to kitchens and game. Y.I.S rossi
  10. rossi_j


    Cheers Mr Wilkes. Regards Rossi
  11. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    Good observation lol, yes the wine won't last long on my gaff haha. Some things you can't have in the kitchen no matter how good your mrs may be...... Not until you put some work into them then they are more than happy lol
  12. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    I run dogs too, so belive me when I say she has had to put up with a lot worse, also wild fowling ... It's allways fun pushing through the hanging geese to make breakfast lol
  13. rossi_j

    Blowing The Cob Webs Out...

    Cheers Ross, she has better toys than me.... She has been around the world bench rest target shooting, with a box full of medals and trophys to prove it and had more slots on her fac than you can shake a stick at, she's not really into the hunting though, she would have rather stayed at home but the lamp won't shine itself.
  14. Local permission that holds a few rabbits that consists of a fair few small paddocks full of horses that is a pain to run the dog in. So I decided to dust off the air rifle a check the zero, was still full of air after 3 or more years (aas410) the zero was still on the button too surprisingly as its moved house twice since then too, anyway went for a little stroll with the Mrs in tow (to hold the lamp) and pulled up to the gate with a rabbit sat in the headlights, fumbling in the dark got the mag in and slotted it between the eyes not a fantastic shot about 30is yards so no hold over, I was aiming for just behind the eyes and didn't quite allow enough windage..... Off to a good start, so pressed on into the first set of paddocks, a few nice rabbits about so I was picking nice easy shots, not all of them hit the target as there was a bit of wind and I am a little rusty... Not going to lie a couple were 25 yard squatters lol. However a quick hour out and that's the animals fed for a few more days My come back to air guns. Watch this space Modified for messing around with photo bucket, apparently it's not just my shooting that's rusty lol