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  1. I’m in California at the moment. It’s hitting 102 today. Last year the high was 120. It looks set to beat that this year. Thank god for air conditioning
  2. Thanks for the replies so far Sounds like Alentejo is the place. Anyone got any contacts out there? What are the downsides? I heard that it’s expensive to buy a car there (as much as TEN TIMES the price of the same car in the uk ). And exporting one is also a pain in the back passage. Anyone know any ways around that?
  3. Anyone been to Portugal or better still, lived there? I’m considering another move and Portugals in my sights. I’m out west of America atm, California, Nevada and I’m looking for that sort of weather/ terrain again but in Europe. Not interested in spain. Would go back to Ireland but hate the rain I need a nice out the way place, couple of acres, no neighbors etc and of course plenty of rabbits, hares and deers What part of Portugal would you recommend? What parts to avoid? Anything else I should know?
  4. And some that are a little less controversial https://teespring.com/shop/fast-food-5236
  5. Found some cool tee shirts today https://teespring.com/shop/the-ban-4821
  6. That’s why I’m trying to find another site. It won’t be easy to find one as good as FD though I found my pure greyhound bitch on there but she’s old now ( about 12 ish) and like to get a new one
  7. Whenever I try to log in it says my account doesn’t exist. So I try to rejoin and it says it’s not taking new members
  8. Thanks Darbo. I can’t get into it
  9. It looks like the flappers dream website/ forum is dead. Does anyone know of any other good greyhound forums?
  10. Does it matter if it is feathered or not? Surely the important thing is weather or not it can catch a hare? And if the pups will go to a good home :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:
  11. So.........another 3 pages of nothing since last time I looked. Come on steve 2507, lets get some details. A photo of this ginger dog thief. An address. Phone number. Facebook profile......ANYTHING!
  12. What a load of f***ing bollox this thread is! I have just waded through 13 pages of f**k all. All we know is there is a bloke out there somewhere called gavin Johnson and he is ginger. No photo. No address. Not even a rough area. No link to a facebook profile. No phone number. Nothing. What the f**k are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to be on the look out for every ginger c**t anywhere between lands end and john o groats?
  13. Only a c**t would do such a thing. Iv got a central Asian shepherd myself. He is a monster, fantastic guarding instincts. Hates strangers. Absolutely unstoppable. No prey drive though. If put over a greyhound its speed would go up and it would have a prey drive. Imagine something that powerful actually hunting humans?
  14. The rspca are c**ts. They have been and they will be again, probably while you are out. And yes they have been known to take peoples animals away and put a card through the letter box saying it was them and to get in touch to "discuss their condition" so make sure the garden is twat proof. They may dress like gavvers and call each other constable and sergeant etc but they have no more powers than any charity worker. You can tell them to f**k off and I suggest you do unless AND ONLY IF your set up is perfectly clean and sheltered and that the water bowl is full etc etc.
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