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  1. Thanks! Hope he turns out somewhere near good lol!
  2. Hes pure whippet sooty sam, laguna lines etc., It looks by the way hes growing he will make about 20-21 tts
  3. Not near wise at all! http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/user/cormac96/media/DSCF0433.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0#/user/cormac96/media/DSCF0433.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0&_suid=11532925394240879932842291685
  4. Got all them apart from the brindle dog pups ATB will get more pictures up tonight
  5. Thanks Chart I had to go and get Artificial Insemenation because my bitch was having none of it, but it payed off with a good heathly well bred litter of pups Cheers!
  6. Here i have for sale Whippet pups, both the mother and father are good working dogs, both dogs are used for ferreting and lamping The reason for breeding was because i was looking for another whippet but wanted to know what i was going to get, so i got the stud off a good friend of mine because i have seen the dog work plenty of times. Sires Pedigree http://thewhippetarc...s.php?id=118559 Dams Pedigree http://thewhippetarc...ls.php?id=58838 All pups will be vet checked and have their first vaccinations before they go, they will also be wormed up to date Pictures of the pups
  7. Ordered Running Dog Maintenence By Penny Taylor yesterday :D

    1. Born Hunter

      Born Hunter

      it's a good book, one to keep handy.

    2. jessythewhippet


      yeah i heard it was a good book

    3. B.P.R
  8. Aye not a bad lamp untill you go into a large enough field and bam! rabbit missed! Happend me too many times
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