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  1. Dolden1

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    I've used many different biscuits to try and get her into it... Varies skinners, Arden grange, James Wellbeloved etc. One of the best ones was Aldi surprisingly but still after a little while she stopped eating it
  2. Dolden1

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    I tried this tonight along with an egg and olive oil (I don't have any sheep/goose fat)... She loved it
  3. Dolden1

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    Unfortunately she is also a slow eater and gets 4miles a day (off lead) around Thetford forest. I have used skinners biscuits and butchers tripe, loves the tripe but always leaves the biscuits
  4. Dolden1

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    I've not tried raw meat before but will give this ago
  5. Dolden1

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    She is up to date with worming, I'll keep going with fatty foods and little but often will probably be better. And yeah it was very cold that day on the first picture (last winter). Feeding her butchers tripe and biscuits at the moment
  6. Hi All, My Whippet x Greyhound is about 18months old now. She is a great family pet and a natural at catching rabbits and even one muntjac (along with my border terrier). If I had more knowledge id love to use her for rabbits & lamping. The only downside to her is that she is very fussy about what she eats... I've tried meat, rice veg and meat/fish, biscuits, chicken skins and she still won't put any weight on. She rarely finishes a meal, and doesn't often eat in the mornings. I don't leave food down all day either. I'm a not concerned that she is unhealthy and it doesn't bother me too much, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any tips on fattening up a running dog?