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  1. Best times for day hunting with no ferrets just a 14 month old pup?
  2. Thanks for the advise everyone ya old farts give me 2 year ill this young pup will be taking over the hunting life hahahaha only banter thanks fellas
  3. Opened my eyes right up hahahaha ill give my self 2 year to learn the craft then get another pup and try to master it
  4. Im also looking for a companion for bitch since she only dog i have within 4-5 hours drive from sunderland Would love something beddy collie grey maybe bull too
  5. I cant say i know what im doing because that would be ignorant of me. But i ask a lot of questions, am starting to do more and more research watch videos and above all try to learn from my mistakes
  6. I dont drive but i have been offered by a lad to take me out who lives close by just waiting for him to get back to me. So glad i jointed this site the community has been very helpful
  7. Im a complete novice and only 23 but willing to put in the effort everyone has to start somewhere i guess
  8. I dont think shes from working stock, she chases but hasnt picked up yet with time and effort do you think i can make her into a good working dog
  9. Sorry for the loss pal nothing worse than a companion lost
  10. Just found in my notes what i was told the pup was Sire suluki collie deer grey Dam whippet collie grey Come on then lads have a laugh
  11. Do you think i could a simular thing to this with a snare because i dont have nets but could learn to make a snare
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