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  1. View Advert Cocker/Jack ,Bitch 3 year old working Cocker x Jack bitch. After 35 years of falconry I have now given it up. The hawks have been sold. This little bitch worked along side them for 2 years. Flushing out the quarry She is a cracking bushing dog. Walks to heal, good recall, lives with other dogs indoors. She works well also, with my old lurcher bitch. Unfortunately she is now being wasted and needs a good working life. Only genuine enquiries. PM please if interested. Advertiser NIGHTSHA
  2. Hi its been a long time since I was last on here , but I am after a lurcher pup ,its has to be a Blue merle bitch pup , collie greyhound would not mind a little bit of bull in it , not a lot ,if your hoping to be breeding soon, please let me know , many thanks John
  3. Hi all looking for a guy on here that breeds Harris x Red tail ,can any one please help ,many thanks John
  5. PM sent there 1mtr 800 high x 1mtr 200 wide or 48" wide and 72" high hope this helps ATB
  6. 2 For Sale. 6' x 4' Used but in Good Condition Essex Area £45 EACH PM me if interested
  7. Give it a rest you lot thanks for all your comments. The worst part was going out to the kennells this morning not seeing the bitch there. Really strange feeling I know deep down it was the best thing to do for the dog not me,she had to come first. One other thing since being on here,I have made some really good friends. Thanks to you all,sorry to have to inform you I am not leaving the forum ,or hunting it is just my little legs won't let me walk as far as I use to ATB
  8. I would have thought Hawks need as much looking after and working as a Lurcher ? Cheers. your right, but when I was coursing i could be out all night and walking 15-20 miles. Plus doing a runner from game keepers!With my Hawk I've got more permission. Don't you worry my Hawks are looked after Just like all my animals.
  9. 20 years I've been in the coursing game. Starting from Bedlington/Whippets,Whippet/Greyhound, Bull/Greyound but my first love was always my Collie/Greyhounds. Due to ill health I have just sold my lasy lurcher one of my best Collie/Greyounds to a guy off of here. If he wishes to say who he is that is up to him,it's not down to me. Great guy. Wish him all the best. I am sure he will look after her and I am sure she will not let him down. I'll still be viewing the forum but no longer hunting with dogs. Going back to my hawks. Wishing everbody a happy hunting season. Nightshadow
  10. Just brought a sheet £24, WHY are all the good deals miles aways,could do with 6 more sheet good luck with the sale,someone musT wont them around you ATB
  11. Where abouts are you located hi mate cheers for that he was a bit harsh,im from dover in kent,i feel im training the bird well hes fed well on varied diet works well with the dogs and ferrets and i feel ive made a great achievement as its my first hawk,and hes being a bit funny,i couldnt get a mentor but the breeder is always on the phone and i got you guys now lol. everyone has to start somewhere and i feel im doing ok and the birds health always comes first and id never jepadise him in any way,just want the help ive asked for so i can get his full potential. i mean hes taken a rabbit a
  12. Where abouts are you located
  13. Come on thats a bit hard there asking for help give them credit,not every one can get mentor, ,
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