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  1. swandog1

    Ferret Kits

    hi got 2 jill kits and 4 hobs left if any body wants some off good working stock chears pm
  2. swandog1

    Theoben Rapid 7

    hi sorry folks gun is now sold thanks
  3. swandog1

    Theoben Rapid 7

    thanks lads yes rez is right good wee gun at that
  4. swandog1

    Theoben Rapid 7

    thanks pal
  5. swandog1

    Theoben Rapid 7

    Theoben Rapid 7 for sale. The gun comes with 2 buddy bottles, 3 magazines, 3x9x50 scopes and a dive bottle. Bottle is nearly full but unfortunately has ran out of test. Buyer would need to collect. Looking for £550 located in Dumfries. Please pm for any questions or phone number thank you.
  6. swandog1

    One From A Couple Of Months Ago

    cracking fish that pal keep at them
  7. swandog1

    A Wee Update

    good luck mate a do like ruff coated dogs u should have some fun way them
  8. swandog1

    A Wee Update

    both bonny looking dogs there pal
  9. swandog1

    Beddy X Whippet

    good luck mate looks a nice wee dog for some one
  10. swandog1

    Looking For Ferret Kits

    hi mate i have pmd u
  11. swandog1

    Ferret Kits

    hi my jill has had ten kits two and a bit weeks ago i will be keeping two back so there will be some looking for new homes free if any body is interested in the dumfries area not be ready for a wile yet thanks
  12. swandog1

    Look Out With My Cam Few Pics

  13. swandog1

    Come On Nell

    good pics keep it up
  14. swandog1


    chears for the info folks the otter has now gone not going to risk it
  15. swandog1


    just looked up and you cant get one done cause of the laws pity though as its a beautiful creature an very sad