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  1. Frodo is a 3 year old much loved staff/terrier.. He has bounds of energy, in fact too much energy and is getting too boisterous for our much older staff. He was brought in to our home by error as a pup and we just cant give him the time/attention he needs because of work commitments.would ideally suit a more active life than what we can provide for him..A great guard dog because of his alertness.. Not worked but he is game when out walking in the fieldsClean,strong, chipped, friendly, home/farm/working dog.Chester location
  2. Hi guys, new to this site but not the sport.held MANY spring rifles (not many peeps remember them lol) Had Ferrets, whippets and ex racing greyhounds and i enjoy a bit of pike fishing.. Brought up in Cheshire and lived all over the country. Got farm friends and "anti" friends so iv heard every argument for/against the hunting community. Cook what you kill or put it back alive for another day and remember..... only STUPID people do STUPID things in our countryside,..... Enjoy .
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