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    Enthusiast and Passionate about for all Country Pursuits, Especially working my Lurchers, Spaniels and ferrets! Ferreting and Lamping (Rabbiting) is my main Passion.

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  1. My lad Saluki bull grey going into his second season! First proper season high hopes..
  2. I use a garmin myself but if that broke a would go for a dog trace nothing special just a compace no a lad using one said good for the money 400 quid handset and collar not bad
  3. Need the handset too cost about 650 ect! Take a look at dogtrace x20 cheaper option
  4. Thanks! He's certainly not slow not got the take off as a whippet but he certainly got some speed and surprisingly taken a fair few rabbits on the lamp really well for a 26tts 30kg dog so can turn pretty well too
  5. Collie whippet grey and whippet x grey which I still have!
  6. Some stunning landscape there mate!
  7. Cheers mate he's 3/4grey 1/4bull x Saluki grey not much bull but comes through the genes strong and the sire the saluki grey was a big strong type
  8. Been some time since I was last on here! Just thought il put a few recent pics of my young lurcher had a positive first season, different cross from what I've had before Saluki bull grey carnt see me waving far from this cross in the future.
  9. 8 months on the 11th feb he’s a Saluki Bull Grey ?
  10. An enjoyable couple of hours out this morning with my Eldest Daughter! The pup Loki coming along nicely..
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