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  1. We had pregnant does all season up here even when that deep snow was down Caught one in this weather few weeks back. Pud
  2. My pack Alf WHWT 12 now still at it. Lola 9 my nose dog Rouge 5 now my main catch terrier My mad DDT pup Barney nine month. PUD
  3. Am a Plummer man mostly rat and rabbits now few legal digs so does not warrant full on digging terrier mind all mine are entered well pup not like, I always like to try something different, had good Bedlington years ago my mate had canny Yorky. Worked my old westie to the max took to it like duck to water, so fancied DDT and ended up with this mad lad. PUD
  4. Well he only had few Katch but he trying had, was few experienced ratting terriers their the day but cant fault his effort. PUD
  5. Had another day on the essential pest control, at a pig farm. Kept apart only three of us written permission of farmer etc. Canny day. Danndie took one on the lug never fazed him. Ended up 111. PUD
  6. Had look out the day essential pest control early as most shoots finished, cover was brambles around the pens. Any way took Dandie but he was on leader most day as he cut his front paw he still caught one one leader and when let him off on clearer holes he marked well we still had good day. Camera the lad their so might have some photos later this EOD one off phone picked up 65 so probably had around the 70 mark. PUD
  7. Down where I am ok on them hills moors bad old Alf had blast got us out for hr or two away on long tails morn. PUD
  8. Tried to get out the day got up the moors but was wild took old westie out he's 12 now so gave him few hrs out as big rat day the morn and he not be out all day. He marked set under the snow purse nets on young ljill in four out then away home Brr PUD
  9. We normally take the lot around the fields working the salt grass reeds etc up on moors well just before the grouse moors that can consist of, my old westie my two plummers and the new pup my dandie. Also their could be the rest of the border ratters with plummer, plummers xs, border/Russels, fells, collies depends on who's going who available. Plus what we are doing if if day out or job to clear off some rabbits, then we put most them away and take one or tw0 dogs ferreting then back around the fields after finished with ferrets. As said the farmer wanted us up early this season so got do
  10. Am at Bill`s often (DOXHOPE) he has not bred a litter for years many years now, he has no dogs at all, he into his photography, wildlife and he takes photos for us when we are ratting with the terriers. PUD
  11. Lads mopped up at farm got 17, we got 11 rats and rabbit to many experienced dogs but he marked well so no bad day. PUD
  12. The lads picked the ferrets up as am away for few long tails for the Dandie I hope their at same farm as yesterday I let you know how they get on. PUD
  13. Some more to do tomorrow on that farm but am away with Dandie for few rats I hope. PUD
  14. Another cracking day well morning got pick up 7 30 am was on the job 8 45 did one big warren finished at 12 00 got 40 with ferrets and picked 4 up with terriers grand morning. PUD
  15. Barney with his rat, only photos off phone. Four two fully grown to greys. PUD
  16. Had morning out with the Dandie and my marra collie she steady to call back etc any way gave him a chance with not as many terriers their, put smoker in and few bolted he was mad keen caught one bite him few times he nailed it next one no messing around. Continued on he got two more greys so he had 4 the day, collie had another ten ended up with fourteen, he had about six now not eight month had big operation and obviously from show KC, stock mad keen he is so cant complain, still bit head strong but I sort that. Phone photos only the day once suss out how to get them off phone. PU
  17. Whey aye marra he hunting marking well still little heeed strong but cant have it all he nail one in the rushes salt grass soon. PUD
  18. Pouring day so left other side of the bank we did last week walked few fields with dogs and one Jill ferret. Poor condition but still out and managed ten loads about still up here. PUD
  19. Change plan re weather we were supposed, to do the rest of that bank that we did last week but was teaming all last night and poor forecast. So took one Jill and the terriers walked few fields and marked few in walls loads abut still. Ended up with ten wet cold but still out and got few. PUD
  20. Going now but change of plan its pouring so take the terriers walk the stone walls only take one big Hob for that. We get half dozen or so. PUD
  21. Out in the morning I keep you update . PUD
  22. Out again last night with two pups Barney and Molly, only got five but he nailed his second one propa so think i try get him to place were their a few and give him propa go he about 7 1/2 months now. Camera was out see if he got photo and get it up later if its any good. PUD
  23. No bother marra stopped on 40 odd the day had plenty light left but no good just slaying them mind farmer was their and would just kept going said he shoots 50 plus a night and just leaves them PUD
  24. No bother if you want any lets know. PUD
  25. Another trip out farmer asked us to do some big warrens, so you got do as your asked. Ferrets work hard ended up with 43 and stopped as hard to get rid of them at min. Cheers PUD
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