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  1. I couldn't work out why me goats and sheep were ALL standing round one tree. Turns out it's the only one with apples left on it, and they are eating the windfalls as they drop! I bet there won't be one left for the blackbirds come morning lol! Lost part of me stack pipe and the rabbits are hilarious to watch running around with ears streaming behind them. Free range French Lops and strong winds, better than any drug
  2. Oh and don't forget the dog! Hot water bottle and good company rolled into one
  3. I don't know what I'm getting. I'm crap to buy for lol! I have everything I need, and don't want much after that. I got himself a bench saw, and a new chainsaw. My friend has asked me to make her some bunting, so I've done that. I just tell em that if in doubt buy wild bird seed, I get through tonnes of it so it's always appreciated. I'd rather keep the birds coming to me yard than have a gaff full of shite I don't want or need. At least I don't ask for diamonds and jimmy choos lol!
  4. I carry a baccy tin with the following in it; Dental floss and a large eyed needle (you can mend almost anything with dental floss, I've sewn up tears on a rucksack that is still going strong years later.) Couple of non applicator tampons.they make fab firelighters and come in their own plastic wrap. fishing line and hook. tick remover though probably not needed this time of year. H2O purifying tablets matches Couple of paracetamol or summat few plasters in case of blisters etc small tube of superglue I also write an 'incase of emergency' telephone number on the lid..... just in c
  5. ex hooligan,drug dealer and bouncer lol Dammit! I thought I'd kept that covered up... lol!
  6. Same old same old then eh? Lol! You lot do make me laugh! :D:D
  7. I think alot of people who keep dogs but don't raw feed forget what gums are supposed to look like... 90% of dogs I know who aren't raw fed have gum disease and are very pink/red when compared to my dog. Just a thought
  8. Gods I'm such a spanner, Broke me pooter and forgot how to log in lol! Anyhoo I'm back, what've I missed
  9. The second one is fantastic, I have me Dad's old copy. Alot of the places in it are his old stomping grounds were he learned the tricks of the same trade i cry everytime I read it, but it is by far my favourite book EVER
  10. I don't mind buying a brew for some of the 'regulars' in glastonbury, a few years back my mates dog ran off and we scoured everywhere. Went down the high street and seen this fella (someone i had bought tea for in the past) walking the same dog on an old belt. Now I admit I thought we were in for a row getting the dog back... Turns out every Tom Dick and Harry had said the dog was theirs but he wouldn't hand it over to anyone who couldn't tell him what was on the tag on the collar. My mate obviously could and got her dog back, offered him the reward she was offering but all he wanted was a
  11. But chickens boring what if you want a nice joint of beef or a drop of lamb ?.......... im just collecting evidence now Lamb will cost you £15+ for the joint alone Ye cant beat a bit of roast beef with horseradish sauce. Unless you rear your own on grass, then it cost £20 for a kill and cut. More lamb than even you lot could eat at one sitting lol! in fact I am having 3 done on mMonday, so if anyone wants to swap for some beef/pork/venison etc let me know As for wasting food, what you do with your food is up to you, but i think it is morally wrong to have something killed fo
  12. If nothing else they stop and make you think. People could do with trying a bit of that these days I reckon! lol! Personally I found them very interesting and well worth the watch.
  13. Never trust a dog with orange eyebrows
  14. Absolutely stunning! If it were a month's time, I would snatch your hand off for a dog pup! Do me a favour, let me know if there are any dogs left after the weekend
  15. theres pics here somewhere of em 8 weeks, but I ate/froze them once cooked without taking pics, sorry lol!
  16. Well I did it, I proccessed my 16 week old french lops. They dressed out at an average of 2.2lb each, which whilst isn't the most impressive i have heard of, they were reared on minimal pellets and foraged greens in a family group, in a free range colony. I made a vat of casserole, onions, garlic, new tatties and some thyme. Bit of milk for extra goodness. We had some for tea last night and it was the best ever. No gamey taste like you get with the wildies, but more flavour than chicken I have 6 pots in the freezer for the winter, ferts got the heads etc and my skins are in the tannining s
  17. Ah but that's with ropes! That's cheating lol!
  18. I have dizzied birds and tranced rabbits, but I can't see how you could just make 3/4 ton of beef just fall over!
  19. Different personas for different aspects of the same deity, though perhaps capricious rather than mischevious would have been a better choice for me to have used
  20. Pan, the Pagan God of the woods and mischief, portrayed as havong horns and cloven feet..... He has litterally been turned into a scapegoat
  21. Happy birthday to the both of you, I shall have a drink for ya tonight
  22. And the shepherd is ok with this?
  23. Right ok, how about this avenue... Out of controlYour dog is considered dangerously out of control if it: injures someone makes someone worried that it might injure them A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if either of the following apply: it attacks someone’s animal the owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal 3rd bullet point down. The spaniel came barking and running towards your dogs right? Then that dog was the one causing the problem, and under the current law the one in the
  24. Has she got pedigree papers at all? If so get em out if your wife is going to play ball, if not if she (the dog lol!) is a pure breed or looks like one can you borrow some papers? I don't hold with pedigrees myself but sometimes they are useful, such as now when you want to show your dog has no pit in it. I have a mate who specialises in bull breed rescue and welfare (and fighting the DDA) if you need any help let me know and I'll get the 2 of you in contact.
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