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  1. Got this little accident a week ago my Collie grey X whippet got over my Old Deerhound bitch the b*****d. Caught her through the bars. Had just the one bitch pup. Quite tempted to keep her back but have a 8month old pup at the moment. Bit of a quandary?
  2. All good mate. Hope your well your end. All pups now sold except pup I kept back for myself it's bloody quiet here now. Going to miss them though but not the carnage lol
  3. Glad some people do. Looking like there all sold. Could of sold 7 more. Advert only went up couple of days ago Atb
  4. There's a few fancy names behind them. But they are what they are at the end of the day. The sires sire was double bred out of Mike browns glen. And his damn was a litter sister to socks tegan. The damn was out of a decent track greyhound. To a lads 26 tts whip grey from around the maesteg area. A lad on here had him but lost contact with him. I have photos of grand damn and grand sires both sides....will just have to work out how to get them off a old hard drive on a old pc. Apologies for the name dropping. Both these dogs are good all rounders and are very biddable and are ea
  5. That's a bitch pup. They have had the run of the garden. they are now bored with that and my bloody daughters let them out so they can come in and play with them. I have gave up lol
  6. This the damn in her prime at 4. Will get some better pics of sire and pups when they stand still
  7. Sire collie grey x whippet 7 years old. Works day and night. A strong dog with a good nose 7 years old Damn Three quarter greyhound a quarter whippet also 24 tts. 7 years old. First litter. Both dogs been here since 6 weeks old. Works day and night There's 3 dogs and 5 bitches. Keeping a pup back for myself. Pups have been mainly fed on Raw but also red mills puppy and sapling. Wormed every 2 weeks with drontal and handled every day by kids. Real even litter of outgoing pups. Will upload some more photos when I resize them ASAP. Pups 7 weeks old Friday. 150.00 quid North Somer
  8. Hello mate Dog looks well. My mate had a pup out of this litter will get pick for you. How's she getting on ?
  9. Cracking pups. .....He has put the best into them. If anyone wants a beddy type for earth work here you are.......Sire and damn both do it.
  10. Humpo in the top right of the screen there should be a little red message box click on it. I have sent you my number. I won't be online until after work but ring me at 1 ish
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