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  1. It seems that kodi have shut down all the apps going by thier facebook page and my box seems to have stopped working anybody know whats going on
  2. He may not have done alot of conditioning but he did do a fair bit of weightlifting i believe. I remember watching him on youtube talking to someone about fighting and he was saying how you have to always be ready and how you have to imagine that they have just interfeared with your child and you want to kill them for it. Maybe thats why he was so frightening he wanted to kill rather than just knock someone out
  3. Anyone know of any litters planned or is anyone breeding thier dog soon Im in bedfordshire but prepared to travel looking for a bitch
  4. Thanks for all your help guys but the ladt is having the dog back. Poor thing
  5. that sounds ok, why not let the dog go out with your wife on the walks, keep it on the lead and just let it settle with you two, then very slowly after time loose her of the lead. when the dog bonded to you it will come back, my dogs chase anything that moves in front of them , today my young dog chased something in a wood was gone for good 7-8 mins but came back fecked lol, lurchers love to hunt+ run that's what we have them for We take turns to walk the dogs. We were looking for a gun dog for me but this fell into our laps so i will be using the dog on rabbits once its trained enough
  6. So i work nights and my wife hand fed her this evening. She said it went well and later she came over to my wife for a fuss and then layed down on the floor in front of her. Im hopefull that we can turn her around as the dog has no chance if shes just passed round people constantly
  7. Thank you everyone i will do my best and hopefully i we will get somewhere
  8. Im pretty sure shes not deaf she hears things out on walks and she comes to her name sometimes
  9. Thanks very much i though keeping on the lead would be good be a good idea my wife and i are also booked in for dog training classes as of the 13th im using sausage bits and a retractable lead at the moment to bring her in. Its still only her fourth day and living with another dog for the first time so i dont mind how long it takes as long as we get there id like to be able to walk her off lead and send her off for a rabbit or call he off something. Anyway lovely looking dog just needs a bit of weight on i will get a pic up if i can work out how to if anyone is interested
  10. As above really we have a 10 or 11 month old rescue lurcher looks like a saluki with colie fur and feet but no idea of the cross she is fine with other dogs but recall is non existant we are the fifth home to have her so maybe is a trust thing but it took me 30 mins to get her back on sunday and even then i had to go and get her not her to me. Im used to staffies which in comparison are very easy to train do i need to lead walk her for a month or so and build up some trust as shes only been with us a few days. Help greatly apreciated as i want to get her good enough to work with
  11. Ye i feed biscuits mixed with raw meat that varies and ive added fat to hers tonight she just seems too thin to me
  12. Balls sorry about the triple post my fecking phone is doing my head in
  13. So i wrote on here the other day about a salukix that we may be fostering. Well now were keepeing it to me the dog seems very thin so i have put a bit of lard in with the biscuits and lamb what should i be aiming for in terms of condition all the vertibrae are sticking out. Im not used to lurchers so any advice would be welcome. Im not after a fat dog just a good conditioned healthy animal
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