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  1. Looks like a cross between a char and a cut throat
  2. No way DC, boil them close to mush and then toss in butter and white pepper
  3. A few to look out for in future, mein kemph as a diver by ellen degenerate, my fight as a liberal by jezebel corbyn and how to fcuk up the west again by angela merkel,
  4. Aint it funny the typical leftard vegan rug munchers wanting the money to go to the high street shops, the same ones that they protest and wreck as they sell cooked and raw meat?????? Fcuking idiots the lot of them,
  5. When was that sid??? During the rem period
  6. We all know the pope aintno christain either
  7. Yes with the ultimate warriors entrance music blasting then both parties run onto the stage and start shaking the ropes, the whole campaign would get everybody out to vote, but no doubt the demorats would come out to the undertakers music with signs saying death to all who votes for us, all california still votes demorat ffs
  8. I prefare the old fords myself, even an rs turbo cost a bloody fortune these days, i rekon the fords were the working class hero, then the japs sort of took that title when they went turbo mad in the 80s n 90s
  9. Yes great for doing hits in and removing bodies i take it???
  10. The problem with the QS is that they straight out of uni and havent a clue how to do the work and cut the shite out of prices, stillbuilding over for £70 per square foot
  11. I think with the moneyinthem now theres morechance of dogs just being abused and just bred non stop purely for profit
  12. And the f***ing stupid names they give them, i seen a bordoodle earlier ans they advertised it as a rare breed , fecking border collie poodle cross fs, 1200 a pup, i dont mind paying a few quid but not stupid money to greedy ba$tards
  13. 1at a time fellas its taking some time replying to all the replies, lol
  14. You watch if trump gets in how much the rep party swing to the right and patriotism as the nation they call home needs clensing of the filfth thats infiltrated it, and id start by deporting the gimmiegrants whos trying to deface and change the usa to be ljke the shitholes they came from
  15. And if we do leave no deal, im getting pished to celebrate another victory for freedom.
  16. Good luck to him, just need boris out and farrage in and we have the start if a good thing going, but no doubt the daft leftest english snobs will wait until theyre outnumbered by every other race before trying to fix what they helped break
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