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  1. That late 90s? Good machines those, the white n pink yamahas where top class too, late 80s early 90s
  2. Tenderising the beef, it could have been eaten and not wasted but no doubt the packhamites will be forever seeking revenge on the cop and keep it in the deep freeze intil this weird world gives it human rights
  3. Hopefully next time he knocks packham down the feckin weirdo
  4. Other than the diarehha sauce thats a belting dinner arry again
  5. Guess you better start practising,
  6. The people hooked on them are self inflicted victims, with an addictive personality, they are and are not to blame, now the dealers are the ones who need executing, preying on the vulnerable and poisoning the communities that they live
  7. Congratulations, you mad ba$tard
  8. Whats your opinions lads? France heading for civil war? The left are now attacking the right and by the looks of it theres a lot more right, seen a few news clips and its going down hill fast
  9. A viagra or a beautiful scandanivian blonde
  10. A bus is a big dart board, they should never get a vote, who passed that?
  11. Should last nights wraps not look like this?
  12. They laugh, dance and cheer as they welcome the murdering, rapists here
  13. Brilliant news mate, hope the same reflects the shinners here too but still too green and orange up here to try
  14. Kawasakis are my favourite bile, good luck with it
  15. If these demoRats can do this to an ex and running for president then the takeover of the USA is nearly complete, i really hope that this coming election they vote so highly for trump that they cant cheat, the world needs trump to win or the take over of the west is done, watch and see they will try and kill trump next, i hope that the Lord is protecting him as he will need it, how can bill clinton whos a proven convicted rapist not get jail or killary who started russiagate against trump not be charged, or obumma who shagged a fella in a limo for drugs not get charged??
  16. Well done ball, what a fight, close one too both put on a good fight
  17. We man ball is a good fighter
  18. Stick a link up, i recently just bought myself a stair jig from axminster, good bit of kit for not a bad price
  19. TUV over here are partnered with reform, i dont even vote but will defo give this a thought
  20. Somebody report this, BGD has been hacked.
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