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  1. Anno I’m still waiting on a lakey myself. Lol
  2. Just a shame the powers that be won’t give Blair mayne his, all to do with stupid politics in the armed forces, hat off to the guy in the thread is about, be nice if they were operating on home soil taking out the terrorists on the quiet
  3. The sash for the Northern Ireland national anthem
  4. I’ve got it too atm, just have to get on with it, an absolute nusience to have, stuffy head, stinging eyes and beezer headaches, no rest for the wicked ehh lol
  5. As you well know ireland is never short of water or rainfall,
  6. Absolutely chid, god bless them all
  7. If there’s no pics then yas must be spoofing
  8. And that’s the truth too. But you also live in England and that goes against your Granda and his Easter rising brick chuckers will so you’ve been banished from eire and live a life of self loathing in exile
  9. He meant the backside
  10. In all honesty does anybody expect bojo to push for no deal?? I think if he shafts us then was it the Eussr that wasn’t for change and reform or is it really the British establishment that’s so corrupt and twisted that won’t change or reform?? Canada is really looking good for a move lol
  11. Last day of my season few brownies and a couple of sea trout had a half decent season on the trout
  12. Beezers, the very type I like
  13. If we were meant to be vegans like cows then we would also have multiple stomachs to make digestion easier of it. Me il stick to my veggie wats of eating the vegans and veggies in the way of animals and fish
  14. Over here it’s one of the easiest illnesses to spoof just to get on the DLA and know a fair few getting top rate by lies, it takes away from those that really do need the help, it’s getting worse these days by the idiot influencers all about me types, brainwashing the youth of today making them feel that they have shit lives. Everybody to busy focusing on what they don’t have than what they do.
  15. Lolol and find trouble where there is none
  16. Time there was a clear out of the fcuk tards in today’s society for they’re the reason that it’s gone down the perverse sewer
  17. Absolutely, and what’s the odds that it gets used as a contraceptive?
  18. The DUP are the only party putting the uk Union 1st and foremost they don’t want special status either. I hope for no deal too. But let’s not beat about the bush here the rest will let the union go.
  19. All for show with movie set props, just lift her and throw her out a window. That was an answer given about Bruce lee being the greatest ever, the interviewee said although Bruce was great his small size was his weakness as he could be picked up by a bigger man and thrown out a window lol
  20. Simple Del Boy will punch him and price will be doing the drunkards dance
  21. Flat out 7 days a week but off every Sat and Sunday, must be triggers depot, open 24 hrs a day but not at night Lolol
  22. Hopefully that bitch pup turns out to be good for ya then.
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