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  1. And thats the labour party's agm opener, now get down on one knee kier and beg for mercy. Aint it funny that all the ones of colour doing the crying are the ones who went into battle against whites and got defeated. But whats worse are the so called liberal white self haters who believe every word of what that kitchen sink above was vomiting out there
  2. A blue eye, i have t seen one of those since the 90s lol
  3. Id agree to them spearing the copper but to be done in secure military location, then when they go towards him with the spears id whack them too, as much as i agree they are natives, id give them land and say now fook aff, let them fend on their own, then change the laws that the white man in oz can shoot to kill any native trespasser on his land, as i said before if these peoples(natives) were any good they wouldnt have been 3rd worlders
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ujwm8YrEgI4
  5. Same here but i think wilder retires aj in a round
  6. If you keep putting the scare stories up mate your gone give people on here a heart attack
  7. Stick joe biden, noncey pelosi and killiary clinton pics on some targets next and get them some practice
  8. 1980s precilla presley model used in that drawing???? That must mean something. Lol
  9. If yas think that sounds far out check out the red night vision they no longer use and what was meant to have been seen whilst using it. Invented and used in Vietnam
  10. They belong in circus freak shows, or mental health asylum's and not as workers or councilors just as mad as a hatter patient's
  11. They do it in the middle east, i think they use aluminium dust or something like that to make the vaopour in the air condense and fall as rain
  12. 1992, i was in minniesota, just an 11 yr old kid, the olympics were on the tv and the yanks were all into the athletics as ya know, well they were all cheering in the spirit before it started then big linford won gold, i jumped up and shouted yooooooo go on linford, the look on their faces
  13. Love baked potato with tuna, scallion n cheese
  14. Was prob the feds got yours, save somebody getting stiffed lol
  15. See the muslims are offended by st George knights fancy dress too now lol football died at the turn of the millenium
  16. Hes a vvanker, needs a good kicking and told to wise up, leave the politics and faggotry out of sport,them poofs have gotten their warped claws into too much already ffs
  17. Id have an rs or s4 or 6 avant any day, those estates are some machines, yas ever see the one on youtube wheee the 911 driver trys to show off and the s4 blows him away?
  18. That list and stick a few jdm legends on that and its a perfect garage for me too, must be us 80s kids lol
  19. Father time has caught up with him, like best hes past his best, but people will still pay to see him play, he will end up going down to lower ranking clubs before retiring as they all do, he owes nobody anything.
  20. Time to start baseball batting their skulls and teach them some manners
  21. Some fine dry ageing there, top stuff
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