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  1. darren g has finally lost it like really lost it. not of normal criminal element NONCE
  2. Batchwood ? Im there every day. could be sopwell?
  3. Bet he really believed he could fly now
  4. “Don’t say nothing Sal”
  5. Little bit of poo on your nose mate
  6. She looks like a goose and he looks like shergar
  7. You should join me might lose that quadruple chin!
  8. Like that carp kid all for bit free tackle
  9. Reckon I’ve had it again and not known everything smells fecking random again
  10. 你他妈到底在干什么?
  11. Mine are also run via Wi-Fi
  12. There at the bottom lol but yeah bit extreme for a dog.
  13. Wi-Fi goes down cameras go down. lampost snippity snip cameras off
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