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  1. Absolute airgun x rated Porn them are.
  2. Perhaps best getting the right mounts that allow the ob to fit mate. Just to save the faff. Not sure what you mean by wind the elevation right down... as in on the turret?
  3. Good old jjm... no messing. AA domes. Nuff said
  4. Scott. We’re not in 2012 now mate. You can upload images direct to the forum these days Shooting though mukka. Good to see you back at it.
  5. There laser like in my KS. 1/4 inch at silly ranges. Everything else is gash. Preferred barrel diet between every gun, even same manufacturer and model is mad init. Know what you mean by that little nipple on every head too. I too thought... hmmmm. But spot on.
  6. Eyup Gaoler. Had to just check this as I’ve never heard of sling mounts Now I know you mean swivel studs... any mate. As long as there nice, neat and well set in the stock. Set the butt one wherever you think looks best. Obviously the lever will have a band. The bisley ones are in mine. Lasted as long as I’ve had it. In fact, all my rifles have the bizzy studs and barrel band, but the HM connects via Talons which are overpriced posh clip on off jobbies.
  7. Oi. Teale ya slag mad seeing your name under a post from yesterday. Hope your well man. Still pushing them weights? x
  8. Jess just looked over me shoulder, ‘you on that f****n forum agen [long pause]... bet you wish you were as big as that?’ She’s gonna get a right slap. After I’ve put the bins out. Obviously.
  9. Sorry to jump in. I’m not after another rifle, the mrs would carve my throat in the night, real quiet and clean. I’d just never wake up. I’ve been told. But gotta say, that is a f’kin boss 2000 mate in terms of condition. It looks so box fresh. Good luck with the sale. Jesus, someone could purchase that and sell it for 50 quid more the next day.
  10. I know it’s a bird off the list these days and rightly so but Jesus Christ, them lot above were absolute Starling bashers... from an old chinky B2... paid for, by cheque, and delivered by pat by the post, for 35 quid a week later. Rotten rifle, but the foundation, along with the lead above that, probably, to be honest, is why we’re all on this forum to this day. The good old days them were... Quite literally, compared to the times we’re living now.
  11. Great find mate. The pellet snobs will be pullin there willy’s over them. V’man. Bet these take the piss out ya precision 60000grn left twist hollow point pre rifled polished pre weighed minimum 2000 yard FX Crown only slugs it does say ‘good class airguns’ though. On a serious note. Milbro lead has been about f’kin donkeys years. Me dad used to use um as a kid and he’s 85.
  12. Anything hawke/MTC mate for sure. Or even to keep the brand loyalty, a dirty big Menace Have a MTC on me own 97 like. Funnily enough. Just got some new glass for me Fenman... an Optisan EVE. God knows what it’ll be like. Reviews seem good mind.
  13. This is well old init but just gotta say credit to you mate for keeping that eighty as standard. Open sights and all. Nice one marko.
  14. Late to this as per. Shooting mate. Didn’t even know you had a p15. Typical. Rabbits look decent.
  15. Nice one C3. 100’s looking tidy. Is that the same mk1 in mk2 woodwork or did ya fork out for a new rig of the same rifle? dedication Indeed to the model if you did.
  16. God knows about the hades mate... but... Feeling sorry for the full stop key
  17. It’s a stiff willy init v’man. Mine goes all tingerley over smart airguns, and anything with a coin slot
  18. Shooting Mac. As per. Looking a babe too
  19. Looks good enough to eat that one
  20. Really... I didn’t know that v’man... I kinda meant the tac AR style and what’s happened to the old wood and metal sporter.
  21. Bit late to this... but Jesus Christ, what happened to good old wood and metal... FX fair enough, they kinda lead the market, but why the f’k is every new ‘high end’ release looking so AR and like it should be dropping towel heads these days. It’s almost getting boring.
  22. S200 smashing the bugs for sure. Easily holds it own with any ‘higher end’ PCP. Nuff said. And the WT granite is porno sexy. Dropping all them on a 30/30. Shooting mate that.
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