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  1. Does Any One Know Gamo make a PCP air rifle in .25 caliber? which one is best ? When it comes to air rifles, there are really two types of speeds available. The first is "pump" guns, which shoot pellets by loading the pellet manually after every shot. These have a slow speed but offer up high accuracy and are fine for plinking in a backyard or hitting targets in a shooting range. There is also a second type where one fills a tank with either compressed air or CO2 before each shot, giving you higher power and being much quicker to shoot again. Before choosing an air rifle for self-d
  2. Hello, Thanks for possibility to join here. I already have seen many interesting threads and for sure I will read here a lot. I run a small air rifle and hunting guide website World Best Air Gun/Rifles [Honest Reviewed and Buyer Guide] AIRRIFLEHUNTING.COM Hunting with an air rifle can be very rewarding, so long as some basic considerations are met. We guide how find the Best Air Gun, once you .. .
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