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  1. Lovely story and well told! I know exactly your feeing too with springers! They draw you in ... totally captivating.
  2. Thanks! Those earlier pix was taken in 2008 ...in the last picture that was bought new last year. Still cracking guns.
  3. A small one but it still counts.
  4. Well, after getting back into shooting this past year, I've spent pretty much most of it trying to get some permissions again. Covid-19 put a stop to a lot of my efforts but just now I visited the farm where I used to shoot some 12 years ago. Have some very happy memories there ( I think I wrote a couple of hunting diaries here). Met the new owner today and he said "yes plse come and shoot, my wife is always complaining about the rabbits!) Fantastic news! Some pix from my shooting there all those years ago...
  5. Please more stories here - I love this thread. Let’s get some springers on here again!
  6. Not to be outdone, the TX200HC perfectly complements my collection
  7. Newly-acquired used. Tnb kit fitted. Trigger sears polished. Hitting spinners at 55 yards four times out of 5. Beautiful rifle.
  8. What is the rifle? Is it a 12ft/lb spring powered one? Nice shooting!
  9. Anymore classic kills? I love this thread!
  10. Yes Rex - post is so old imageshack deleted the images
  11. Took myself back down memory lane reading these posts
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