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  1. C3PO


    Just returned from the estate and where I have had my feeder up for a couple of years. Haven't been shooting for a while so have been topping up the station with peanuts these past couple of weeks. The rate of depletion was 3/4 of the peanuts in the feeder going in six days. As I arrived, I spotted two on the feeder as I set up - they quickly disappeared. I set my hide up around 20 yards from the station and 'snipe' from a stationary position. The two I first saw came back within 20 minutes, the third after about an hour. But, in -2C temperatures, my feet were freezing up and so called it a
  2. C3PO


    I really like the aim points on the card below - great idea to test zero in-situ.
  3. Hi All, It seems that airgunforum.net has closed down ... such a shame as I loved visiting that site along with all the rest - including here! - to do with airguns. Any idea why it closed - or has it moved?
  4. Went back yesterday in the final hour of light and just the one, every little helps though.
  5. First time back at the feeder for several weeks. Topped it up with nuts and back into the hide this morning. An hour and a half and two in the bag.
  6. I'm really loving this rifle. Super effective against the squirrels with its diet of H&N FTT .177. The rifle is a bit too long for the hide, so it pokes the sides a bit when manoeuvring around for the shot and cocking action, but a dream to shoot. It seems that this pellet / rifle combination is more effective than others I have tried. Are the pellets made harder than their Air Arms or JSB equivalents? My feeder is just 18 yards away from the hide, so every shot on target without doubt in v controlled conditions.
  7. C3PO


    A few more this afternoon, after the rain and wind subsided!
  8. C3PO


    Two hours’ work with the HW100KT - pleased with the result!
  9. C3PO


    Good result today with the tuned HW97KT … took a fourth after this picture.
  10. C3PO


    Thanks - my technique is just on the feeders at the moment…I need to revise that!
  11. C3PO


    What’s your technique for shooting them? Feeders or general walk, or both? If the latter, how much of each? Sorry for all the questions!
  12. Very sorry to read this Mark and understand how tough it can be. Thoughts with you and family and to the brighter days ahead.
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