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  1. C3PO


    A few more this afternoon, after the rain and wind subsided!
  2. C3PO


    Two hours’ work with the HW100KT - pleased with the result!
  3. C3PO


    Good result today with the tuned HW97KT … took a fourth after this picture.
  4. C3PO


    Thanks - my technique is just on the feeders at the moment…I need to revise that!
  5. C3PO


    What’s your technique for shooting them? Feeders or general walk, or both? If the latter, how much of each? Sorry for all the questions!
  6. Very sorry to read this Mark and understand how tough it can be. Thoughts with you and family and to the brighter days ahead.
  7. I have one on my TX200HC - I love it. The reticle is excellent and the optics brilliant.
  8. Standard "vanilla" TX as that is semi-tuned out of the box already
  9. Uttings.co.uk - excellent service.
  10. I tried the H&N .22 5.5X (doesn’t say what size they are precisely) in my 97KT and they were awful. For me they were very tight into the barrel and didn’t group at all well. Switched to 5.52 AA Diablos and they are v good indeed.
  11. - Titanium, glided Piston - Fixed Stainless Spring Guide - Titan Mainspring to 11.3 ft/lbs - New seals - Jewelled Comp Tube - Trigger polished and adjusted Before the rifle was a nightmare - especially as it was nearly new. It twanged like hell and was generally an unpleasant experience firing it. Compared to the vanilla TX200HC, it was pretty bad. Now, the rifle is transformed. It feels at least 40 per cent better than the TX ... super smooth and quiet. Tuned to 11.3ft/lbs. Running favourite diet of .22 AA Diablo in 5.52 flavour.
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