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  1. FIXED!!!! I bloody fixed the stupid problem. Crap I hate PCP's. If the next session sucks, it's going in the classifieds. I'm half with you Villaman. The Ultra was pretty good, but I'm a big guy and very used to swinging around the rat catcher (resting on something 99% of the time but you can swing it around without fear) which was fine as it's a cheap gun and lower power (ideal for indoors in my opinion...weaker rebounding pellets), or I shoot a longer style rifle with a longer grip, usually shooting on my springer outdoors...so the smaller Ultra was shaped for my indoors shooting, but to
  2. Very true. And probably you'll never hear it again. Just trying to get the idea that it's something you're really looking forward to like driving a nice new car, but then totally sucked.
  3. I can take the cylinder off the gun, but it's just hissing away.
  4. I have kept it at 100 bar. I did think this and checked it online. Even tried cocking it, but still nothing then. It just keeps hissing air out of the fill probe.
  5. Okay, this might seem amazing, and it is....because I'm awesome HAHA. I have taken to wearing a thigh holster for an air pistol when ratting. Mainly because when you open a door, to a chicken shed and there's rats about the rats scatter, and it's crazy fun just shooting about like a loony. I do my best impression of a gangster street style shooting...which may explain why I've never managed to hit anything smaller than the wall or floor. But the other day I was out and heard a little scurry when I was outside. Sounded to me like a rat in the gutter, I pull out the pistol and get my tor
  6. If you were down this way mate, I'll let you have a pop. Only problem is you'll be stinking of chicken poo, the ammonia stench will burn out your sense of smell if you shoot there too often, and...it's bloody addictive mate.
  7. I have a Hatsan AT44 .22 in 10 shot mag. I have zeroed it in, and it's pretty awesome with pellet on pellet grouping. Time for a refill.... Buy the pump and get to refilling. Not refilling. Ever pump sounds like I've kicked an adder and it's just hissing away at me. Air escaping from the fill probe. Easy fix, right, just the o-rings. No difference. So I've ordered a new fill probe and new o-rings. Anyone else got any suggestions? Had an Ultra, didn't get on with it. Have an AT44, getting on better, but cannot refill....if my experience with PCP is anything to go by, PCP
  8. I think this is an epic fail for the PCP crew. Have you ever tried to pump a PCP? So I went off and got me a PCP pump for the Hatsan....total waste of money. I can hear air pissing out all over the place. So I assume it's the o-rings. Being a regular CO2 guy, I'm pretty good with changing o-rings. So I get my o-ring boxes and change them out. Any guesses what happened? It's still hissing like an angry snake every time I try to lift the pump handle up or pump it down. What is this, some kind of conspiracy to force me back into springer's and CO2? I have literally had 40 shots with my PC
  9. Well I've gone and got myself a PCP. A Hatsan AT44 .22 (ratting) 10 shot, PCP. Am I a life long PCP convert? Is this the end of my CO2 and Springer days?! Watch this space and we'll see...
  10. RATS!!! I have open access to one of the largest chicken farms in the UK, so ratting is my main activity with a gun. I favour the "intimidate them with loud sounds of pellets clattering behind them" technique, as I am crap shot haha.
  11. Good morning everyone. I say good morning as it's nearing 2am. I am out ratting as I usually do...well I say usually but I've not been out shooting for a while. But my usual shooting involves myself, my trusty ratcatcher, and rats down a chicken farm. Having hit double figures, lay on the floor, aiming down an egg-belt, a massibe moth decides to fly right up my nose. This forced a fit of sneezing which inevitably has scared off a load of rats. So I have a minimum 20 minute wait until another rat shows it's face...so I thought I'd show my face and say Hi....Hi. My project has passed
  12. I'm glad nobody missed me…or even knows who I am haha. I hope you've all been keeping yourself out of prison, but still in enough trouble to have fun. Went out last night to start my project, just trying out a few bits of gear, then on to my shooting (ratting as usual). The equipment was a couple of permanently placeable CCTV IR lights, power sources and a couple of bluetooth bits and bobs. I hate changing batteries or setting stuff up, so a couple of IR lights down the belt was the idea, then a placeable remote gun system. Popped the lights on, cable ties holding them in place…WORKS A
  13. Hey there everyone. Long time no speak…probably a year or more. I've been beyond busy but have managed to get out 3 times in the last week. First was with a camera, but no batteries, next 2 were with guns. Ended up bagging 15 rats on Friday night, and the farmer was overjoyed, so I'm doing that again this Friday. Today I have bagged 2 kitten rabbits for a guy from work. His dad is an old fella and rabbit stew reminds him of his passed wife. But with him being so old, he needs to have really soft juicy meat, so had to be kits. This is probably all you'll hear from me in ages.
  14. Super busy, just popping a quick hello via this post. Still alive, working super hard. Managed to get 1 hour to myself, so went out with my lovely little Gamo. Saw a bunny, then saw loads of them. Made a bit of noise by accident and they all ran except one that just stared at me. Logic dictated this one was going to have the shortest life span. And a .177 RSW super-field confirmed that logic was correct. I think of it as clearing the gene-pool of stupid rabbits. Would have stayed around for more to come back out, but I had 1 hour spare time, and no chance I was going to be able
  15. As standard it hits hard and is exceptional for accuracy. Only real issue is the scope mounts on the barrel aren't great, so a steel breech is ideal.
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