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  1. you want honest opinion youse fecking shooters at these fairs don't give lurcher and terrier men fair crack youse want the money ok but stick them away in some back dunghole of a field
  2. Ben Lilly

    First Cross Kelpie Dog

    are these any better lurcher than the border collie x lads
  3. Ben Lilly

    Trying For Hunting Ban In Ireland

    stormount will push the ban through and they got plenty help idiots posting pics dead hares and foxes on this site and facebook
  4. would any of ye breed outta dog killing sheep
  5. Ben Lilly

    Panacur For Cattle And Sheep

    is it dangerous to use on some breed lads
  6. Ben Lilly

    Bp Fella Dog

    its beginning to look good fr these two bitch pups I have outta max and the fella bred bitch
  7. Ben Lilly

    Max Full Saluki X Penny

    hairy ass pups at tat age lol
  8. Ben Lilly

    Heat Lamps

  9. Ben Lilly

    Lamping With Dogs

    only looneys out lampin tonight full moon don't need a lamp lol :laugh:
  10. Ben Lilly


    Deben lithum brilliant battery this be my 3rd or 4th season outta mine no problemns with it at all :thumbs: :thumbs:
  11. Ben Lilly

    Best Of Luck This Season Lads

    best luck kc dogs in top condition
  12. hear there was a quare row at it allover facebook any body know what happened lol
  13. Ben Lilly

    Hares, Irish Vs Brown

    white mountain hairs in Scotland are pure shite and its only a slaughterin session
  14. Ben Lilly

    Big Money For Pups

    whats the percentage of getting a good one outta top supposed lines same as greyhounds f****n slim :thumbs: :thumbs:
  15. Ben Lilly

    Forley Cup 1998