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  1. Good vid and nice dog who knows his job
  2. She's been spot on towards end of season Gaz . Heart like a lion and her prey drive is very high. Her breeding is 5/8 grey 3/8 collie x grew cheers pal
  3. after a range finder for air rifle shooting so it hasn't got to be anything special... Any for sale? Cheers
  4. Sorry to hear about his bitch pal same happend to us a couple a years ago. Tell the lad chin up and carry on Where he left off
  5. He could run all day pal opened my eyes on a few occasions
  6. [quote name="roybo" post="3909046" timestamHe had pal all the time I had him he never had any injuries
  7. Nice looker OLD SCHOOL don't know about the chain tho
  8. Are you worming the pup regular ?
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