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  1. My saluki bull greyhound is nearly 7 years of age. He still keen but losing his speed and I'm not taking him out as much,Iv a 7 month old saluki greyhound and a 2 year old saluki greyhound. What do you guys do when your dogs get old.?
  2. Hi can anyone tell me what colour the light goes when changing the tracer 150, the charger that came in the box burnt out on the first charge after about a hour, not had chance to take it back yet but Iv been charging it with my tracer lithium battery charger, the light is flashing green and red whilst charging it?
  3. Any ideas, we went out last night and there were hardly any rabbits, we couldn't belive it. I no it was full moon but still normal get our runs, but there were just nothing out.
  4. Just wondered if anyone else puts it in there bin. It stinks. Ant got a man hole in my garden
  5. Pup coming in better with food, he eating straight out of hand and I'm not reaching out as far but still won't come without food.
  6. No doubt get some shit for this.lol where do you all put your dogs poo? I put it all in wheelie bin always have done Iv 5 dogs and there's alot any better ideas?
  7. Got a new pup 10 days ago he is 5 months old drove 200 miles for him through a friend of a friend. He is bread really well so Iv been told. I meet the lad in a lay-by the pup was really thin and was struggling on the end of the lead. He said it have never been on a lead before. Iv now put him some weight on but the pup won't come near me if I goes towards him he will run off and if he corned he will bark at me a growl at me. He fine with my other dogs and I got him to take food out of my hand last night so there is some improvement. Do you think with time I can bring him round or should I take
  8. I can't see it my self hope I'm wrong, now a days if you shout at your dog never mind hit it you would get linched in your local dog park. Imagin 20 hounds running a fox past them. Lol. Iv had people going mad at me calling me a murderer when walking down road with rabbits hung over my shoulder and dogs on lead next to me. Times have changed too much to bring it back,sorry to say.
  9. Is it possible that the government get a partial repeal where they only allow sent hounds to hunt foxes.?
  10. We could just make a video the same in our favour with a sheep with its baby lamb been killed by a fox. Foxes kill baby animals.
  11. Is there any simulated coursing if so what times does it start on Sunday thanks.
  12. Any Lurcher shows this weekend in Yorkshire?
  13. I don't think he under weight and my pal I go out with every Sunday says he fine and he been running dogs for 45 years. It's the lad that gave him me.the problem is he not catching anything during day, he runs well gets up to them and stays but they all just get away in time so the lad I got him off said I'm running well under weight. So I'll up his weight see if he runs better.he had him on redmills so I'll get him back on that and ad some raw mince chicken.
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