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  1. I love pickled eggs. I'm pretty basic, I'll buy pickling vinegar and put eggs into sterilised jars and cover with the vinegar and leave them for a couple of weeks to soak.
  2. I was using double TBG for my old OTT catapult and a single band TBG for my new OTT catty. Its strange that it started happening on all the cattys, went from being able to use 6mm steel with ease, getting good accuracy to no accuracy and constant fork hits. Having been looking around i think it may be the way im releasing the pouch. will test new methods out tomorrow at work and see if it makes a difference. cheers
  3. Hey folks, so I recently got a catapult and decided to have a play around. I bought ammo online but didn't read the description and what I received was 6mm steel. Since I didn't have any other ammo I was using it for practice. I got good and was going targets perfectly with no issues. Then I decided I'd buy some 10mm lead shot. For some reason since using lead shot I always get fork hits and bad accuracy. Same goes for my TTF or my OTT. Does anyone know the cause and also a remedy for this? Cheers
  4. Hey folks, Some of you might remember i took in a dog from an abusive home and hes come on great. Hunting wise hes a great dog and works great with other dogs. However at home he doesnt get on with one of the other dogs. They are always looking for a reason to have a go at each other. The problem with my hunting dog is once hes in a fight he will lash out at anything around him. A couple of days ago the other dog started on him and they started fighting. I jumped in to break it up and me dog grabbed my arm and had a good old bite, resulting in me going to A&E to get patched up.
  5. Old trick I was taught was to get hold of her so she can't bite, then put saliva on your other hands knuckle, then move in closer so she has a chance to sniff, then lick or bite, if she goes to bite flick her nose, but once she tastes the saliva it's like crack for ferrets, keep doing it until she learns hands are not for biting. It can take some time but I've never had it fail. All my ferrets will climb up me for a bit of saliva, it's great for getting then to bond with you. None of my ferrets bite.
  6. I've just moved off maple avenue, was fine enough except kids caused a nuisance to my dogs and birds. Still live nearby though. I lived just opposite the chip shop. Small world!
  7. I've seen it once, it was my old bosses ferrets, all that was left was a strip of skin, nothing else. And they were fat ass hell too, no reasons I could think of
  8. I just get offcuts from the local fish and chip shop for pennies, although I might have a source of mackerel soon, so will try feeding them some of that too. They love the fish.
  9. I use ferret feast, the ferrets do good on it, but it's always supplemented with fresh meat and fish every so often. It's good for the cats too, they're much less smelly when on ferret food, and price per kilo is less expensive than most cat foods. I think I pay 18 for the 10 kilo sack
  10. My problem pup I got has come on grand, recently I took him out lamping first time, He went with such speed he seemed to run 'through' the quarry, the animal just fell over sideways, f**ked. He is a timid dog due to his past but I had him out yesterday, he rolled while chasing one bunny, got up in a split second, continued, caught up with the bunny which then ran between a fence and thick blackthorn bushes, he ran straight through as if nothing was there and nailed the rabbit perfectly. Then towards the end of the day he was in hot pursuit of a bunny and it ran through a wire fence, he didn'
  11. Aye, I'm local, just moved a but further up north to near Durham but the land I hunt on is still in north Yorkshire.
  12. bhawk


    Well the good news is, as i thought, he has turned out a gorgeous silver, with a little faint black bit. Hes a good stocky boy, my hunting partner has already called dibs on breeding from him if he can graft. Ill get photos up when he stops moving long enough to get a clear photo.
  13. Im just glad this sort of thing doesnt just happen to me!
  14. I always vibrated the collar before a shock, now the dog gets a vibrate and he will stop whatever he is doing. You can find them on ebay for 15 quid roughly. I tested it out on myself first, only fair to know what im doing to the dog, i changed the settings so they get enough of a shock to stop them but not so strong you really hurt the dog. Damn useful training aid, so long as its used properly
  15. Well i finally got round to doing this. Turns out the first days hunting was interesting to say the least. We started late, didnt get to the land til gone 9, we took another lad out with us too. We started out on the first warren, which was under a big ol' hollowed out dead tree. So a few bunnies had hit the nets, but we could smell smoke. We presumed it was just from a nearby farm or something and carried on. It was only five minutes later my hunting partner screamed "shit" that i turned around to see what had happened. The lad we had took with us decided to chuck his fag butt into the
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