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  1. Most likely at least 9 years old and going back
  2. Hello all, I will be in Cumbria during August this year and am looking for some sika stag stalking in Scotland during that time. I am an experienced stalker with DSC1, have hunted deer in Australia and New Zealand as well as red stag in Scotland and Cumbria and roe bucks in Scotland and Cumbria
  3. Here is a pic of my trophy room comparing my 9 year old New Zealand 16 pointer with my Aussie 4 y.o 11 pointer
  4. Hi folks, Aussie Paul here. I just joined the forum. I like most of what I have read so far. I have hunted all over Australia for our big game, as well as destroying many foxes and rabbits, feral goats, etc. I have also been to South Africa for some antelope species and to New Zealand where I got a big red stag. I can recommend both countries to you all. These days I mostly hunt fallow and other deer in Australia and roe deer on my annual sojourn to the "old country" - England as I am married to a lovely English lady. I am based in Cumbria when in England. I have my DSC1 and am always looking for new areas to hunt and like minded people to meet.
  5. A couple of years ago, I went to the South Island of New Zealand and had a great hunt with Glen Dene Station. Went for chamois, nearly got blown off the mountain with wind and rain, so went in search of reds down lower and came home with a 43 x 42 x 42 inch wide 16 point red deer stag. Huge body and heavy. I now have the mounted head at home and it weighs 20 kilograms and make my roe bucks look tiny. I can highly recommend Glen Dene.
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