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  1. thank you very much for the, photo of the book, I love to see those books, unfortunately here excite, besides for the language I could not read them, I only read them taking a photo and passing it by the translator, if when I started with this type personal breed for geography modality and animals to hunt in my area look for a dog similar to the white English terrier,I am glad that guys like me perform it ,my line is of ,bull terreir , Fox terrier wire and whippet , I already have ordered 2 puppy of different lines of hunting dogs,bull terreir x Fox terrier wire, to continue opening the geneti
  2. thank you very much cain,dirculpenme I many words I do not understand them , but I love to learn from you, I am in this forum only to learn, I will show something to add information,but my main goal is to learn a lot here, from the history of the Terrier and the bulls that are my country, and what better place than a British forum , interesting about cork I like that thread, where can I learn and see those dogs?
  3. I try to show some of what I have, it's not good but Ami and it workes, they are very good and have few trips to hunt, I will be able to go out more and have better functional dogs and be able to show more trophies of hunted animals
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