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  1. Ow do , All my interest lie with my Terriers The thing is that I'm not very good at opening doors to chat with people who I don't no I'm a genuine fella I'm not meaning to be suspicious Just a bit old for all this PC and IPhone jargon If an opportunity to chat to people comes up I chat but I'm always weary of who reads all this There are one or two on ere to be fare it's only a matter of time Ope I've not bored you . A,T,B
  2. Ow do, Well that discription covers about every cur with 4 legs n a tail So the game is well n truly up the kyber I'm bloody strugglin to find a working terrier pup as it is Imay as well look for halies bloody comet Everything in life is bein Highjacked especially the terrier game So if there's a decent terrier fella out can fix me up with a working terrier pup before it's to late . A,T,B Rx7
  3. I've found it very interesting n he sounds a character to say the least . His gas fire takes me back a bit the good old days You could hunt what you liked back then Great A,T,B. R.X.7
  4. Am not a lurcher mam but they all look good A.T.B R.X.7
  5. Ello out there just bin reading pups in Cumbria n read a bit about having your dog jabbed I remember years ago there was a very bad outbreak of parvo n loads of dogs died n it wasn't a pretty site n l always get my terriers jabbed I would guess there's a few fellas on ere can remember it . A.T .B. R.X.7
  6. Ello there You keep a nice type of terrier They look good . A.T.B . R.X.7
  7. Working Terrier Pup View Advert Looking for a working Terrier Pup from working parents Black n Tan or Black type Advertiser Rodeo X 7 Date 08/04/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  

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    Looking for a working Terrier Pup from working parents Black n Tan or Black type


  9. Ello is there any of parks terriers in the last 2pups no reason really just out of interest The fella went about with used park dogs yrs back
  10. Elli there fireman, just bin lookin in the auto trader for a pup but nun there either lol R.X.7
  11. Elli there fireman n everyone else I'm trying to make some friends on ere I'm just making small talk there's no hidden agenda I've lost contact with everyone with one thing n another It's just me n mi terriers n looking for a pup n if things fall through with the plan in mind I'm trying to have a fall back plan Everything is upfront with me Iam what you read Very plain R.X.7
  12. Ello there chesney your terriers look like very hands on n close up type of terriers Can I ask what's in the mix just out of interest A.T.B
  13. There's a few good looking type of terriers on ere I bet there's some good workers there as well by the looks of em . A.T.B
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