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  1. Watched all the series at work. Brilliant series best thing I have watched in years
  2. Some of the best lamp dogs iv seen and owned have been bull x. Very good mix capable of many tasks and always give 100%
  3. I used to lamp with bloke years ago who had one it was a brilliant rabbit and hare dog. Her litter sister was brilliant on bambi but wouldn't touch teeth, mine was the opposite when she was in the mood. My pal has her now he uses her just for rabbiting she does OK but no world beater.
  4. Correct, told the dog does does this that and the other. The dog does feck all. Never again.
  5. Think I did she was stunning look at but that was it. She would rhfd but only when it suited her. The final nail in the coffin was when she pulled up looking at a sika stag. Gutless b@stard
  6. Never seen a kelpie x in action but they do look useful types. That one of yours looks a cracker suitable for many tasks
  7. Had one never again, gutless, blow out after a few runs and pick its runs. They might suite some people but for regular lamp work they can't handle it imo. Stunning looking dogs but they can't compete with bull greys, saluki greys or collie greys even beddy whippets all Trump the deerhound x grey imo.
  8. Best quote iv heard "I was anti hunting until it was banned" Legend
  9. I'd use something proven it would of had to have seen more than bits an bobs IMHO. But if it keeps you happy that's all that matters Atb
  10. Just lined my bitch to keep a pup back for myself. A couple are spoken for the rest are spare. I will only be charging £200 a pup. If she has taken. Sire bull grey (10 year old) Dam collie bull grey (6 year old)
  11. Me too, she picked her runs
  12. That's it its not all about killing, wish everybody had that mentality.
  13. Always told lads if they try to stab a fox to help dog they'll be getting the knife not the fox. We've all done silly things when young in the game. Some stuff I regret deeply If a dog can't handle a fox it shouldn't be on them.
  14. Seen one collie x do it. Possibly the best trained lurcher iv ever been out with. Was never on a slip and told when to go He told me it did fox all I seen though was it chasing them, then it mopped hares and rabbit up so I don't think it like fox tbh
  15. Bull x nice and easy to train to a good level, never had a problem with recall, sit stay walk to heal etc. Always good with other dogs etc,
  16. Not all key workers kids could get places at school. Mine lad was OK to go secondary but daughter primary there wasn't any spaces left for her to attend. Although we did are best to home school her
  17. If they turn out half as good as the sire ya onto a winner
  18. That's what spoilt my deerhound x I think a fallow stag gave her good clip she was never the same again tbh.
  19. Edited to say I think saluki blooded dogs make alot better deer dogs
  20. Do like a good deerhound greyhound, I had a bitch she started well then slowly started picking her runs and wouldn't pull any down. If she had a night a month she would perform well but regular graft she didn't want it. She accounted for a good number of rhd and the odd Charlie. But would pull up on df if she wasn't in the mood.
  21. Sister in laws whippet has just being diagnosed with it, she had a small lump on her rear leg that has grown at a rapid rate, got the biopsy results today and its cancer, they have gave 3 to 6 months to live. She an old girl 12 year old. Has been fit as a fiddle all her life then last 2 months this. Hope your dog has a better result its never nice, lost my 1st dog to cancer it was horrible one day bouncing around then the day after he could hardly move. Atb
  22. Rip fly Never easy losing an old friend
  23. This is in my home town (doncaster) , am glad to see the local travellers are sorting out the scum and moving them on. Good and bad in all races
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