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  1. iv got pics of a robins on eggs and 2 longtail tits nests with eggs in so dont see why a blue tit wont be on eggs Trust me...they won't. Both robin and Ltt are early breeders, blue tits are not. You can easily prove me wrong pip, just check a few nest boxes out and see how many eggs you find..... you could well be right j but the way the climate has changed in recent years anything is possible
  2. iv got pics of a robins on eggs and 2 longtail tits nests with eggs in so dont see why a blue tit wont be on eggs
  3. pip1968

    Was Bill Oddie Caught Drug Smuggling

  4. pip1968

    Bit Of A Lump

    how much for a line lad? for a gramm or half gramm
  5. Still going with this shite I see...... ffs lab has she allowed you back on the computor
  6. a body wrapped up in bubble wrap and a bag over the feet and head next to a tree with cows walking round it in the middle of no where my 2 mates ran to me at the gate and i white lighted from there and the body sat up and fell back down we just got off as we didnt know what we was getting involved in
  7. pip1968

    A Night Out In 2010

    you want to try putting a hair net on in the wind allan
  8. pip1968

    First Lamping Trip For Juno

    really enjoyed that mate good write up,a couple more nights like that with easy runs and she,ll be a handy dog for you
  9. pip1968

    Best Man Speech

    my daughters getting married next year so ill have to do a speech so im going to ask stan to think of something for me what with his wit im sure it will be a classic
  10. pip1968


    ive been culling for a while now
  11. pip1968

    Selling What I Have Left

    make sure you check him before he leaves
  12. pip1968

    When You Know Your To Old

    im 46 and been struggling to get out, especially when your gating all night I literally cant move for days after a good nights lamping
  13. pip1968

    Rip Proof Trousers

    seeland crieff are very hard wearing and warm you wont go wrong with them
  14. pip1968

    Pups First Kill

    its nice to get its first kill out the way,your dog will be even more keen now
  15. pip1968

    Bull Cross Fans Let's See Them

    my bitch beau a 6 gen half xs had a few rabbits shes 12mths old