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  1. In your experience is a flushing or pointing breed more useful for hawking. In the majority rabbit with some pheasant mainly up in The Dales.
  2. Any suggestions on which breeds would best suit this would be appreciated
  3. Can anyone comment on this?
  4. I have a black lab that will hunt up as good as any springer,no respect for cover,she will push through the thickest of cover and very good on a running bird. Thanks for that mate anyone have any comment on this?
  5. Thanks for this WM would like to see some pics I understand the concern from your first hand experience. The club I hawk with insist any dog in the field must be fitted with a shock collar. Would this have affected the situation described above or would the dogs instincts have still led to the above? Thanks for your input
  6. Thats terrible sorry to hear that mate
  7. Do any of the British retrievers have any real 'hunting' ability. I've read several posts about using labs under hawks and flat coats having a good nose, etc.
  8. Does anyone hawk over plummer terriers? NB: posted in falconry section also to cover both bases
  9. Does anyone hawk over plummer terriers?
  10. Hi I'm looking for opinions on the best dog breed to use with hawks and for picking up. Firstly would a dog take to both tasks? I know the choice of breeds is mostly down to personal preference. I like HPR's like GSP & Wirehaired Vizsla from what I've read would suit hawking but what about picking up? I also like Labs but would they be any good for hawking? Thanks for your opinions
  11. Have a 5 year old Border no experience would it be possible to enter him to rats??? If so whats the best way to do so???
  12. Anyone out there actually working airedales???
  13. How many people work them in the UK? Are they equally useful against rat and rabbit?
  14. Cheers One forgive me for being abit dim but "marking up"???
  15. When looking for a pair of ferrets to house together whats the best combo??? Jill/Jill Vasectomised Hob (How much does this cost???)/Jill (no intrest in breeding) Hob/Hob (assume this would be a disaster!!!) Cheers
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