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  1. Forget it I moved up 40 years ago closed shop mate keepers won't take you on untill den time for terrier work that's April 15th you no might get a couple weeks work for your terrier then nothing till next year an a lot don't like digging, I ended up starting my own Fox control society with hounds to get work for my terriers sadly it ended a few years ago. As for lurchers you will find it very difficult to get ground to run them. Get a couple well behav ed spanels and the doors will open
  2. Pleased it's brownies not bows, I only fish for Brown's in the Highlands
  3. Cracking mounts would love one are they forsale?
  4. Saw a Scottish deerhound doing what it was breed for fishing a loch on a Scottish Island a tourist had one off the lead he ran round a huge boulder and out the other side came a red stag who had been lying up, was a joy to watch stag had to make for the water the big boy was flying over the heather, stag made it and swam across the loch an made its escape.
  5. Mine is on 43k same tyres from new, will need to replace in a month or so. B
  6. Had mine 3 years only issue condensation in one head lamp, changed under warranty, never been stuck yet and good size boot for two lab cage. For the money can't beat them and 1.5 ltr Renault diesel is just fine. B.
  7. Still pilling in from the north out for a wee walk at lunch time and over 1,000 pitched in to the Cromarty Firth 12.30pm today
  8. Enjoyed that how things have changed and the editing was very well done for all those years ago. B.
  9. Different habitat? Both eat much the same apart from deer that is too large for a wild cat. It would put a lot of pressure on the remaining wild cat population, so it must be a no go. Need to start to watch the pod cast. B.
  10. I would ask about the Lynx taking over the wild cat hunting areas. The wild cat is classed as an endangered species, so any threat to them must be classified as a definite no to the introduction of the lynx?
  11. Dropped mine in Loch Ness, marked a tree for location could not see it and had to wait till loch dropped, used a glass bottom bucket and found it two months later, stripped cleaned and serviced she came back to life no problem, course was an old sea gull motor don't think new ones would be able to with stand a long dooking. B.
  12. Get a dacia duster 4x4 the cheap option with steel wheels, nothing fancy and not bad mpg also cheap to insure. Can't fault mine had it two years now and loads of room, better ground clearance than Subaru, you can pick up a 2 year old less 10k and extend warranty for 5 years add £450. B.
  13. I will recind the statement as plucker finally arrived today, why you did not answer my private messages I do not know. B.
  14. Why are you still advertising the pluckers? I paid you by pay pal 14th of January and you have not sent the plucker kit no. 2 I paid for? To date I have sent you 6 emails asking for a reason or just refund me. Not a peep. So fellow members be warned against purchasing anything from Bull & Ferret. Bodach
  15. Aye that brings back memories when I used to go down and hunt with the Ulswater hounds when Dennis Barrow was the huntsman, some cracking days at the Mardale shepherds meet in November, the sing song and story telling in the pub after, aye grand times. B.
  16. I just received my lead and collars, fair chuffed with them excellent quality and price. B.
  17. started on the collars tonight buddy. Let me know what you are looking for, Del. Hi, Looking for a brown collar & matching 3 foot long lead for a border terrier, collar length between 16" to 18" would be fine. Let me know what the price is and I will send via pay pal. Thnx B. PM you buddy,Del. Hi Never received your PM? B.
  18. started on the collars tonight buddy. Let me know what you are looking for, Del. Hi, Looking for a brown collar & matching 3 foot long lead for a border terrier, collar length between 16" to 18" would be fine. Let me know what the price is and I will send via pay pal. Thnx B.
  19. Del, When are you going to make the lead and matching leads? Would like to buy a matching set for my wife's wee border. Ta. B
  20. After two days fly fishing for tarpon and blanked I went out bait fishing and nailed that one just as the day was ending, my hand had cramped up by the time we landed it, a beer after never tasted soo good! B
  21. Mine but not on the fly the year before in Florida Typical bone Mexico this year
  22. It was something I have always wanted to do, trout fisher at heart but watched catching bones and tarpon on the fly and always wanted to do that. SWMBO wanted to see the Mayan ruins, so I managed to get 3 days fishing and have ticked that box, all I need now is a sail & bill fish and will be a happy man! If you are not good with a fly rod Nacho will supply spinning gear but as said practise with the fly before you go, far more fun. B.
  23. Not after a knife but looking for some handles and brass rivits. Its for an old machete I found in my mates shed when I was clearing it out, he was ex-marine and I think he got it over in Belize. Would love to do her up. B.
  24. Here you go. I fished three days in June this year, caught 13 bones and a tarpon on the fly. My advise would be get some fly casting practise in, as the bones spook very easily! The cost: 4 hours $ 275 usd, 6 hours $ 350 usd, 8 hours 400 usd, fishing trips Include: soft drink,bottle water, light lunch. in case if you don´t have fishing gear i can provide. Thanks Nacho Euan: nacho@bonefishcozumel.com
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