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  1. Pm me please if anyone has a couple of bottles
  2. Would be interested if some of this was still available ? anyone know if it's still trading or can suggest similar ? pm if preferred
  3. Cheers thanks for that. Not too worried about anything too fancy we mainly enjoy working the dogs more than the shooting cheers :-)
  4. 1 member possibly 2, with a team of working dogs (labs and spaniels) looking for a diy syndicate or rough shooting in Aberdeenshire, preferably close to Alford area but willing to travel within reason. Please pm us with any details and we can answer any questions about ourselves thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info Collieman, rabbits up here are rarer than hens teeth these days
  6. Yes thanks all not too bad with us and G says hi, and hope's your doing well, just had the busiest season yet picking up etc with the dogs and trying to get back into trials after a 5yr break, have a lovely young springer that i've won tests with , run in 2 trials got 2 4th places so she has potential just need some bunnies for her......rhb has said yes to my request , I also know the bit you mean I used to go training there back when the prentice's were there but that was a few years back. I didn't know that about the Cabrach, don't suppose you have any contact numbers you could pm me ? Have emailed the Glenfiddich office see if they could send me details. Keep in touch
  7. Hi Stranger, how's things ? Thanks for that I didn't know the Cabrach do days ? and the 2nd one's being looked into ;-)
  8. Willing to travel for the right ground and good day out with the spaniels, I am up near Aberdeen but can't find rabbits up here for love nor money.
  9. Hi Guys, Looking for rabbit shooting for dog training, experienced shooters, insured and references can be provided if required, looking ideally for land where spaniels can flush the rabbits to the gun for training. Not hoards of people but instead Small group of responsible trainers looking for rabbit/rough shooting for dog training purposes, keepered or unkeepered, all land and livestock respected . Any leads etc would be greatly appreciated and happy to pay a small fee etc. Thank
  10. Contact Richard Claydon - Kingcott Cockers - http://www.kingcott-gundogs.co.uk/
  11. Totally agree.....u wud hope folks have more sense and not take the damned dogs in the first place...
  12. Thats the problem..idiots are turning up to shoots despite the fact their dogs are coughing.... i have one dog who had his spleen removed last year so he has no natural immunity hence would rather prevent than cure looks like trip to the vets it is
  13. Anyone know if the kc vaccine can be sourced without prescription ?
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