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    terrier work , air gun shooting , the local hunt , the local shoots, rabbiting. everything to do with hunting ,shooting,and work dogs. i also enjoy photography

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  1. hi mate , what is that air rifle like ? had a look at one a few times , would appreciate your opinion ... atb nathgoon
  2. i agree , the rifle just doesnt seem too work well for me , and from a big brand like browning it is very dissapointing .... thanks for the replys guys , ill look into them more , anymore info/ pics would be crackin , cheers boys atb nathgoon
  3. hi all , ive been wanting a new stalking rifle for quite a while seen as i cant seem too get on with tha Browning X-bolt . the sako intrests me alot as its a smart looking rifle and in wodden stock i think its the best looking on the market , i have perviously owned a Sako 75 and found that too be a very capable rifle for both stalking and as a backup lamping rifle ...Basically im looking for info on the rifle as a capatble stalking tool and in general , plus and pros from current anf former owners , pics would be great too .. thanks for reading guys ATB Nathgoon
  4. yea , he had cancer tho , but hes still there , hes more the apprentaship side of things now ....Brilliant bloke
  5. im there now , girls ? easy , but there all heffers , and alll the lads are like flys round shit , not nice tbh spesh seen as i wouldnt if you paid me .... and well the lectures are good , but between it is wank tbh .... good collage , lectures , and general life is good , you like it mate
  6. A client of mine that i did some business for a few years back fought in the first Gulf War. Whether it is true or not, he told me that they had American troops on detachment with them for a while. His commanding officer made sure that the yanks were given EITHER blanks or NO ammo as they couldn't be trusted; they were just trigger happy cowboys! Also, my mate came back from Afghanistan a year ago, he said exactly the same thing about the Americans: That they were just steroid munching idiots wanting target practice at anything and everything. i agree 100% ... the storys i ha
  7. my older brother is in the army ... and some of the storys he has told me about the american marines , will send chills down your spine , imo the americans are the modern day nazi [bANNED TEXT] it comes to the middle east , and they are the most powerfull country and our very own bitch so we forgive them , right ....
  8. Hey mate , there's no hard and fast rules, i've heard of lads dropping rats for 12 week old puppies and them dealing with it, for me i'd say about 6 months is a good age but it all depends on the dog really what he said .. if you start too young you risk f*****g the dog up totaly , so bide your time and be patiente ...
  9. 22 quests reading .... f**k OFF
  10. i dont think youll have a problem ... like flys round shit
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