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  1. What abkut for actively hunting rats. Found a good few runs and holes. Is it a matter of trapping 1 and letting it have a go
  2. Hi all. Picked up a pup yesterday border x patterdale 9month old. Green as they come. This is my first terrier as always had running dogs. I dont do any earthwork and stick to ferreting, bushing and ratting. Whats the best way of getting it going on the bushing and rats. thanks in advance
  3. I work a whippet. He coming up 10 month and just had him ferreting and small ammount of lamping. He is a good ferreting dog and has a cracking nose. After keeping lurchers for years before getting the whippet I still think that there is something missing.
  4. Hi lads Anyone got any info on patterdale x Jrt as a cross. I dot do any earth work but been offered a 14month bitch for free. It has done nothing apart from a rat. I want it for bushing/ratting and ferreting. It's a steady thing not daft. After some opinions. Cheers in advance
  5. Yeah mate. Down sized on a lot of them now and just kept a couple of pairs. What sort of money do the spaniel x terriers go for?
  6. dankay123

    Hi All

    Hi all. Love this section of thl, some good reads. Anyone have any recommendations for a bushing dog as a working buddy for a whippet? use him on rabbits and rats but but he is not keen on entering cover. Cheers in advance
  7. What blades do you lads use for cutting cattys on scroll saw?
  8. Had a coat of Danish oil but no idea what stain?
  9. My Whippet pup. Bred From nighthunter. Didn't buy him for the status of next best thing. Just liked the dog and as long as he catches a few bunnies on lamp or with ferrets then I'm happy
  10. First stick. Hazel and oak Y top
  11. cheers for reply. I do enjoy making them. im gonna try making some sticks soon. got some nice hazel sticks dry
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