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  1. What blood is in this hound? Strong animal
  2. Id say that's good going. Nice pups mate. Whats the dark brindle? I take pups out as youngsters purely for exposure to the bush. I dont expect them to be near the pointy end until 12-18 months. I expect them to be showing interest and eagerness to be involved though (barking, circling the action, tail up type behavior).
  3. I dont think any person in this game would go near a show greyhound mate, esp given the abundance of them outside of that scene that are working / racing and available (same can be said for a Deerhound if that was someones thing also). All comes down to horses for courses in my opinion.
  4. Agree, although you do get the odd one that is not true to their heritage and lacks instinct / drive. The Greyhound is the only "non tampered" with breed which is still used for what it was bred for. No show people have fckd with the breed for looks / ring. A lot of the old timers down here (Australia) often comment the old coursing greyhounds were the best dogs they ever kept.
  5. All fast game, bird. Maybe pigs but we are in the south so not many of them down here. Hoping to produce some fast, one out dogs with good endurance. The people we give them to should expect honest solo workers capable of putting vermin on the back of the ute.
  6. I do mate. Got two bitches (32kg and 36kg so big bitches) straight off the track and they work well. Key is spending time with them and allowing them to transition from race / kennel life over time. Both have good natures and are full blown catching and dispatching dogs. We have got them jumping on the ute and have their recall ok. Need to be mindful around stock and fences for obvious reasons. When one of them comes in season we will be putting a big roodog (staghound) over them in the hope to breed some slightly bigger boned greyhound types.
  7. Any updates on this hound mate? Fine looking animal this one looks just right.
  8. Thanks for the reply mate, I appreciate the response. Same thing down here these days where good one out dogs are hard to find. This can be said especially or hairy dogs. I too went through many dogs to find dogs of good calibre, and that were capable of being ran one out.
  9. Awesome pics mate. Tell us more about your Coyote Hounds?
  10. Slick looking hounds mate. Whats the brindle dogs breeding? I recall the black has good bull infusion.
  11. Get on here bud- https://www.(!64.56:886/pg/Coyote-Hunting-Greyhounds-392669827478047/community/
  12. Cracking looking animal. What breeds are in this mix? Whats she weigh?
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