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  1. Good work mate Do you find the red shade helps a fair bit? Might have to give it a shot Cheers
  2. About 12 months old now Improving every time. Picked up a bunch on the lamp and doesnt mind a bit of ferreting. Broke to sheep, cattle and poultry. Just cant seem to shift his attention from the roos during the day. Doesnt look at them on the lamp though
  3. What are the temps like over there?
  4. Nice mate Whats the little fella underneath?
  5. I was thinking the same thing, will definitely spend the extra time chasing the local foxes!
  6. new pup just over 4 months Checking out some holes
  7. hey mate im from melbourne but I might take you up on the offer at some stage. how come your not allowed to go to school anymore? by the way i love how the "im not a paedophile" line hehehe
  8. Hey guys was asked today about the affects of ferreting in rabbit population and as I've never been ferreting I didnt know the answer so was hoping you guys could help me out. The question was when you ferret a warren what affect do you have on the rabbit population of that warren? ie is the population reduced by 20%, 50% % etc? And what is the likely hood of completely emptying a warren? thanks guys
  9. And you got back together!! what can i say - love is priceless , lol , also we have our daughter , so yes i went back , I agree with the daughter statement but bloody hell id be a single parent by now!!! let him go, he knows wats best for him n his daughter.. shame about the dog though
  10. hey guys ive got the opportunity to adopt a ferret of about 12months, if its never been worked or down a rabbit hole will this have any negative affects on her being a good worker? I've read on a few posts that people start working their ferrets at about five months so just concerned that the later start might have an impact. Any ideas?
  11. Woke up this morning and went out the back to check my traps for any Indian mynas...noticed the trap had been tripped but nothing was inside ..so set it up again and head off. At dinner tonight mum comes in and says "Oh son I saw a bird in your trap outside but I felt bad so I let it go..." lol soo my mums an ANTI! A traitor in the ranks! haha Was a little p****d off but had to laugh in the end anyone had anything similar happen to them?
  12. Hey guys I've been looking at getting some ferrets to go ferreting, but ive run into a bit of a problem. The parents wont let me get them because they say that ferrets stink. Now I've read in a number of places that they do have a ferrety smell, but that its barely noticable. Whats the HONEST truth do they really stink or is it fine? And anyways to reduce the odour? any help would be much appreciated
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