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  1. This is one we made for my sons guinea pigs but should work for ferrets its a old T.V. stand
  2. https://www.kijiji.ca/b-alberta/ferret/k0l9003?dc=true This is a list for prices in Canada crazy expensive
  3. well I hunted them two ways one was on horse back coyotes love eating cow crap so I would take my hounds everytime I moved or checked cows they would follow the horse and ignore the collies only problem is if they see a hare then they are gone for a bit but come back after there snack. I would hunt them out of the truck in the winter I only used a dump box once and a while with pups the dogs would only jump out after a yote . The problem here as anywere is finding good dogs I went thru alot of dogs to get that hairy buckskin dog. The black dog named Mindy in the first pick was good she was always on the neck she was stolen. The white one named bond was full of fire straight greyhound off the track she was just to small I gave her to a guy when i got out of staghounds the middle dog in the back of the truck was saluki staghound he was fast could run for days but was scared of teeth. the big dog on the right is stitch he was a yote dog deluxe single handed killing machine I sold him to Dan Edwards on here. the bulldog knuckles was used as a kill dog when I ran gyps or jumped two yotes he was also used on cattle some to help the collies he was killed by a bull. the white dog in the last picture was Morris the moose He was alright he got to big and heavy. He fell thru a frozen snow drift and broke both his back legs. The last dog was forrest he was a grand old dog but thought he was to ride the world of porcupines that eventually killed him when some quills migrated to his brain. I usually dumped from far away to watch the dogs run. the Balck dog in the new picture was a stag whippet named Cookie she went to Blue collar on here to run rabbits She was to small for yotes. The last picture is Stitch Mindy and there pup Jack
  4. Thanks Sadly they are all gone now I crippled myself up some years ago. That gyp of yours looks good look forward to hearing of her progress as she gets a little age on her.
  5. those are coyote pups I think there were 9 cant remember it was a while ago . there parents were killed one on the road and one from the farmer. Cubbing isn't something i enjoy but necessary if you want permission. the black dog would draw them out by the scruff she was smaller than the yotes she would jerk fox out aswell. the red dog was well reared and gave to me from a guy in the states named Dean I think he only had probably a dozen digs at most and the he broke I bred the two she was in season when he got hurt the pups weren't much the one on the right is the male i kept he liked to bark not engage. the one on the left was the best terrier I owned mute smart and tough she is in the second picture. I believe they were sent to a rehab to be grown then released so I could hunt them in the winter with the stags.
  6. here he is at the bottom of a hole
  7. the red one is was a middleton dog. the black a nuttal
  8. Hey scotsman load up you dogs and come on over I sure would like to see your shakers get shook now that would be funny.
  9. Just messin with ya Dan like to see the dogs getting hunted and good to see kids being involved and you are right it is easy to cull after you have agood one
  10. you are a God, Mr Edwards that is one good looking dog and the kid is cute too
  11. looking for the fellow that bred this dog I heard he is on this site please Pm I am looking for some info about a this dog
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