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  1. Rocks

    for the alaunt guys

    Hey scotsman load up you dogs and come on over I sure would like to see your shakers get shook now that would be funny.
  2. Rocks

    coyote catch

    Just messin with ya Dan like to see the dogs getting hunted and good to see kids being involved and you are right it is easy to cull after you have agood one
  3. Rocks

    coyote catch

    you are a God, Mr Edwards that is one good looking dog and the kid is cute too
  4. looking for the fellow that bred this dog I heard he is on this site please Pm I am looking for some info about a this dog
  5. Rocks

    coyote dogs

    I felt left out
  6. Rocks

    for the alaunt guys

    kye Pm your number I am intersested in the bigger dogs
  7. Rocks

    for the alaunt guys

    Kye just go now. Dan is eliminating the yotes in his Area. If he keeps up the way he is going in a couple months there will be nothing left to hunt.
  8. Rocks

    for the alaunt guys

    there is a big difference between fighting and killing, I have seen this dog work alot of coyotes and come up unscathed. Dan was being modest about his dog, that dog will outrun a greyhound to get to a yote and throw it in the air and catch the throat on the way down. Shaking a yote just gets your dogs tore up. The good stags will not have a mark on them. Every one that sees that dog work wants one just like him. As far as bull crosses or any other cross doing the job as good or better I just do not think it is possible or the hard core yote hunters would have them. that dog was worked on yotes ranging from 30 to 55 lbs with the odd onne being 60lbs that is a far cry from a wolf. I have had wolfs take my collies and they were dead before they could yelp.
  9. Is he wereing one of your collars?
  10. A friend of mine had a straight wolf and some pups off her to a Malamut. The wolf was timid and shy very wild only he could get near her. The cross pups were fairly tame but sort of mean. They would bite you to say hello and sneak up and grab your hand or leg then run away. He bred them further down as 1/4 breds which he liked more but still pretty useless but more friendly they turned out to be not so steady with stock. He now has no wolfs or cross breds and I asked him and he would not own another. Says he was young and dumb and needed to tame a wild animal which could never really be done.
  11. Rocks

    to all lurchermen

    I saw a friends doby run all day chasing the tractor hunting mice. she also had a passion for skunk and cats. Was a real beast of a dog for a farm dog. Would like to see some pics of a grey cross one as well. very interesting
  12. Rocks

    What the...

    Well do you have me on the list for a male pup? preferable buckskin and fiesty. It would match my team for next year.
  13. Rocks

    What the...

    I went out last nite to get some action photos. The neighbor phoned he had a coyote kill and I went to get the culprit. I saw the yote in a low spot laying next to a old den. He heard the old chevy roar and was up over a hill in a instant. Seeing as my hunting truck is in pieces at the moment I was driving my wifes going to town truck with the dogs loose in the box. I drove over the hill slowed up for the dogs to jump and we were off. I got the camera out the window to take a pick hit a bump and it was gone. The yote jumped a page wire fence my dogs hit it like a trampoline and were shot backwards any way the yote got into a big slew and was gone. I went home after a hour looking for the camera. I will try again tonight at dusk but this time I will wrap the camera strap on my wrist
  14. Rocks

    What the...

    I would say that the dogs that get all scarred up hesitate at the catch or do not go to the throat. I believe the buckskin dog is a natural born killer and she has not that many scars the white dog looks very fast and I find they get torn up by running to far in front and catching then getting bit on the head and when the others catch up they tear the coyote off the dog and that is were the damage is done. Is that close to what happens Doc?