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  1. Just seen this, does time really go so fast, do we loose contact with people so easily. The lazy do not roast any game, but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt Proverbs 12:27
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    Palastinians voted Hama's into power 2007 knowing exactly what they stood for and what they are capable of palastinians are complicit UN were happy with election
  3. downsview


    Do not be decieved from the birth of the Muslim false corrupt religion there goal and command is to destroy the Jewish race regardless of how Israel acts Muslims are commanded to kill them and after them kill us. What do you expect from a religion based on a pedophile Mohamed in reality a datan worshiper.
  4. England won the game but lost to the ref, not Wales fault
  5. From terriers perspective if you died, and the next day your mate got all the gear together do you think he or she would mope about or do you Think the would hear what's going in in on and be mad keen to get out
  6. Plenty of rose tinted spectacles being worn, when you look back the bad days and dogs get conveniently forgotten, given half a chance and the right owner plenty of good dogs about, give those rats and rabbits hell of a time, savy
  7. Good sense of humour, had time for everybody, was polite to the lady's not, don't make them like that anymore.
  8. What a game beautiful to watch, Scotland unlucky to get a man sent off, but he only had to make an effort to lift that arm but he didn't, shame, Wales bullied into playing the type of game that used to come naturally to them, oh so naturally, now Wales England I can't wait it's a mouth watering contest, triple crown at stake the pride of a bruised and battered England, what a game to look forward to, I can't wait, England flattered Scotland at Twickenham, England looked tired and stiff against Italy, I think you will see a totally different team in 2 weeks time , England I think wi
  9. Kennel blindness breed blindness and of coarse the ego massage has certainly changed the outlook of many terrier enthusiasts, I had a border lake land a real beauty not to the eye, oh no cock eared ugly little bitch but worth her weight in gold and the prettiest thing a keen young want to be a digger had ever seen. Now there's lads digging week in week out ridiculed because it's not the in fad lines he's digging to but he's digging more than most, and there's plenty of lads like that, and I tell you now when that super bred dog enters and gets a result and back slapping is going on all around,
  10. Always been an air of mystery around the trapping of this velvet coated gentleman, just wondering if all the cloak and dagger stuff is warranted, seen a few vids on YouTube and even talked to a couple of groundsmen etc the videos and the conversations I've had suggest with a little practice and a little care it really is no big deal, so where does the mystery come from I suspect its just operator's trying to protect a bit of income £££££. I would imagine to the average fella it may open the door(field gate) to some otherwise guarded permission.
  11. Wouldn't be over concerned most foxes found in earth's with plenty of room for a terrier to work trouble may start when a fox has been pushed to ground then may be a little tight, put your dog up for sale you will then see plenty of lads won't be over concerned with size, jmo
  12. Been watching a few of your vids on YouTube very good stuff, ignore the knockers a lot of jealous fools around and enjoy what your doing in life ??
  13. Maybe there's a few who could be more honest about how much practical terrier work they've done and how little terrier work they actually do... though eh....
  14. Tell you now he's a gentleman and not at all bitter and twisted which is more than I can say of some on here, his books are very well written contain a lot of humour, occasional heart ache good photos, all you could want in a terrier book
  15. Just finished reading this book very good read a lot more to it than your average hunting book tales of the balls ups as well as success and he also let's you ever so slightly into his life under the skin type stuff always a risky thing to do in the macho world of today's dog man, not one for blowing smoke up arses but thoroughly recommend this one,
  16. Very high suicide rate, and also a high rate of incest, might suit some I think generally the UK scores pretty highly on living standards sadly were not the best but certainly not the worst.
  17. Putting bias aside all things being equal a dog will always be better it will have no forced rests through seasons or having litters so obviously will spend more time in the field working learning etc etc, all things being equal
  18. Our friends in the North. Thank you for ridding this nation of the parasite that is Jeremy corbyn, far be it for him to find a real job no he still taints the house of commons with his wretched treacherous stench, but your votes have forever rightly shamed him. Keir starmer though he tres to distance himself from his not so glorious past is cut from the same cloth and shows this in his actions already casting aside belief and conviction as if it were a old crisp packet. I always find the first lines of the red flag amusing, cowards and traitors, just about describes the labour party new
  19. What a sour lot, all legends in your own front room, what have you contributed?
  20. Read a fair bit about getting dogs fit repairing a neglected body and to be honest it's seems quite straight forward, common sense type stuff, but how do you go about repairing psychological damage, damage to a dogs spirit how do you go about repairing that is it worth it?? Is it even possible, sky at in her article above talks about repairing the muscle and body of a dog that has lounged almost neglected in some rescue centre but how do you mend the soul?
  21. When trying to search past posts some from the distant past all I get is a message telling me not to request a search for 15 seconds and so on and so on any way to carry out a search
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