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  1. dewi

    RIP John Wilson

    His autobiography is worth a read if you haven't already. 50 Years A Fisherman Certainly lived life to the full RIP...
  2. dewi

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    Never seen this before but heard about it, and was told that the fox at the end travelled all the way from S Wales just to be in the film Having seen it now I can easily believe that it arrived in the same sack it left in...
  3. dewi

    New shed

    Build it yourself,probably won't be cheaper but far superior ,pic attached of one I built for a customer ,no idea what the final cost was but wish it was mine
  4. dewi

    Oakwood South Wales

    Remember hearing about it but didn't live here then
  5. dewi

    Oakwood South Wales

    The old chimp cages are a bit creepy , there was an incident where a few chimps escaped and ended up shot..
  6. dewi

    Oakwood South Wales

    2 minute walk from my house into what's left of penscynor ,most of its been built on but there's quite a few buildings and cages left in the woods behind my house Was a massive attraction in its day before the likes of Oakwood and folly farm
  7. dewi

    Lakeland Terrier.

    No nothing Woods,not had a bitch good enough unfortunately..
  8. dewi

    Lakeland Terrier.

    Yes mate going on for 10 now not really fit for work anymore..
  9. dewi

    Lakeland Terrier.

    [ attachment=295550:20160901_214918.jpg]why not?
  10. dewi


    Woods,The grandson is the b&t out of shad and your molly mate..
  11. dewi


    Remember it like yesterday, dropped her in a what I thought was a handy spot late morning and despite searching for hours with the old deben box was no sign of her so headed back to the van to bring it closer to the earth.On the way the box picked up a signal well away from the entrances about 8ft down ,a start was made but it soon became clear that we needed some heavier duty tools so blocked up and went home for what we needed ,at which point I fell out with my digging partner so rang another mate for help and he saw the job through to a successful conclusion in difficult ground and weather. .
  12. dewi


    19yrs ago now I was digging to this bitch after nearly 11 hrs to ground eventually got to her at 11pm successfully with her opponentwhere the hell has the time gone,dug to her grandson sunday only 2 generations in nearly 2 decades need to get something off him soon I think..
  13. dewi

    Bell Ends At Work

    Few of these where I work
  14. only 1 of these left now unfortunately but showed me some good sport over the years