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  1. tiger82

    Greyhound Questions

    Thanks for the comments I will look for a Lurcher.
  2. tiger82

    Russell Dog

    Some boy with comments like that whitefeet! Keyboard warrior
  3. tiger82

    Russell Dog

    It's just a picture mate
  4. tiger82

    Russell Dog

    Thanks for the info but I'm not after a line bred dog. don't need a name or be line bred plenty good dogs out there. Just a good dog with a good coat thanks
  5. tiger82

    Russell Dog

    Has anybody got a working jack russell dog must be rough or wire coat to stud. Got a jr bitch just under 11 inch done a bit above and below. she is 5 ish now and wanting A pup.
  6. tiger82

    The Brown Rat

    Rats have hard bites although ferrets can kill them with ease. I don't see how a ground dog would be turned upside down.
  7. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    Yes I would still separate hob and Jill snipped or not
  8. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    Yes that would work
  9. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    No I mean keep two brothers together they will be ok. My friend kept loads of hobs together for years until I borrowed a black one to line my Jill. After that it wouldn't stay with another hob in the breeding season. But the other hobs were still good together
  10. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    They will be fine if you don't let them mate with a Jill because if you do they will want female company in the season and take a disliking to each other.
  11. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    Two hobs or two jills, every year you must breed a Jill or get the Jill jab. If you're going to breed your own working line then you could get a male and female from working stock. You have plenty of time until May to get a new hutch and separate them if you need to. Two males should be OK to live together but don't stud one out because after one has mated it won't be the same in the season and will probably fight.
  12. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    You must be a beginner, they say you can keep two brothers together and it should be ok. Just keep an eye out next year for fighting in the breeding season. They should be fine together in the winter and try and get them smallish if you're working hobs it will save you on digging.
  13. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    Pets 4 homes it's an animal site
  14. tiger82

    Ferret Breeders

    Plenty ferrets in Somerset from working stock on the pets4homes site
  15. tiger82

    Ebay Scammer

    I'm glad to say that I have received a refund