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  1. Can’t be a bad thing ? Sanitising hands after every time of touching something, if we all carry on doing that we will have no immunity to any germs before long
  2. Many doctors will tell you them masks have 0% effectiveness against an airborne virus, they are used for stopping blood splash back and stopping any spit going into an open wound
  3. What if the difference they make is actually spreading the virus ? I do a lot of work in shops and supermarkets and see the staff constantly touching them, pulling them up and down all the time after they have been wearing them all day or the same mask for days on end, building up loads of germs in them, then touching all the stuff they put on the shelves
  4. Do you honestly think them poxy surgical masks everyone wears will stop a microscopic mainly airborne virus, it’s crazy to think your not all breathing the same air in a shop because you have them on, I actually think masks should be banned for spreading the virus from people constantly touching them pulling them up and down all the time by pinching them in the middle, then touching everything else, surely that has got to increase the risk of spread
  5. Search Ivor Cummings on YouTube, the man speaks a lot of sense and puts things into some much needed perspective amongst all this madness
  6. A more controlled society, all the lockdowns will f**k up a lot of small businesses and make everything run by large corporations, mass redistribution of wealth, reset the way the world is run, ultimately down to money, power and control, we will probably all be paying more taxes before long to pay for all this
  7. Psychological operation, drama and lies, the general population hypnotised
  8. Scientists and media tricks trying to tell me that 2 and 2 make 5
  9. I don’t like really closely bred stuff for that reason and they also seem to loose speed when to inbred, mad when you outcross to pure saluki a lot of the time they turn out faster than either parent, hybrid vigour again I think
  10. I think they become more injury prone the more closely bred they are, you need a complete outcross sometimes to bring the hybrid vigour back to the forefront
  11. I will second that, them ceramic bulbs are the best, if you get the 230 watt ones they chuck out some heat and give off no light which is a bonus, would you like to try and sleep with a big light shining in your eyes lol, there also cheaper to run than infa red
  12. There is some gwp x lurcher pups for sale in the lurcher section of Pets4Homes at the moment, nice pups but they are a bag of sand each
  13. Yes, same bitch to Romeo, they only 14 months old now so this season will tell
  14. Sire. Prince out of Buddy x Whitney, buddy was out of (foxy x charlie) Whitney was out of (Caulfield’s joe x Caspers sister). Dam. Tikka out of Cindy x Nero, Cindy was out of Fred (Wolfie x titch) to May (Caulfield’s joe x gyp). Nero is the best producing saluki of recent times. Sire to pups 7 years old, Dam to pups 6 years old. Both well tested single handed dogs. Pups 6 weeks old. 2 white dogs left. £500 each.
  15. Just wondering because the mince I get has a label on it saying date of manufacture and then the best before end 3 months after that, i think If meat is being kept frozen for a good while it has got to be kept at at least -18oC, but can’t see it would be a problem keeping it longer than 3 months at that temp
  16. Is it correct that even when meat is kept frozen it will go out of date after 3 months, just wondering for those who buy in mass bulk and maybe have it in the freezer for maybe 6 months or more ?
  17. Sounds like you have led an interesting life
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