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  1. View Advert Pulsar xm30 thermal spotter Mint condition, hardly used, I bought this brand new in March 2021, comes with battery and charger, box and manual and carry case. £750 Pm me if interested Advertiser thefensarefarbutistillgo Date 07/08/22 Price £750.00 Category Optics, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging  
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    Mint condition, hardly used, I bought this brand new in March 2021, comes with battery and charger, box and manual and carry case. £750 Pm me if interested


  3. When you say don’t watch live tv does that mean in theory that you could record anything on your sky box and watch it back later and that would be fine
  4. I’ve seen some things on YouTube on how to deal with the tv license people if they knock your door, basically don’t engage into any conversation with them is the best, just say not today thank you and close the door in there face
  5. I thought you could have a tv but just not suppose to watch anything on the bbc, fine to watch all the other channels isn’t it ?
  6. What happens after 2 years ?
  7. I’ve stopped paying mine for the first time this year and had a few letters already, I’m sure I heard once that if you do something online they stop mithering you
  8. I once knew a Jewish hotel keeper, he kept a fork in the sugar bowl for goodness sake
  9. Get chance to see there character develop more if you keep 2 back instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, plus I think it’s better for them growing up with a litter mate
  10. Keep your 2 favourite until about 6 -8 months then just keep the 1 you get on with best , sell other one on
  11. The cracks that form in the ground on stubble fields are the worst thing for dogs, some of the cracks can get quiet wide I’ve seen a dog break a toe on such ground I assume it was from the toe getting lodged and twisted in a crack when turning
  12. How do you tell the difference between wheat and barley stubble fields ?
  13. That’s where the European court of human rights is based
  14. I’d of said in court see you in Strasbourg
  15. Them ones that get sore nail beds just got to make sure always wash the feet down properly after a day out soak with warm salt water and hibiscrub and get all the dried compacted mud from round the nail beds with a toothbrush or they start getting infected and can be really sore for the dog if not kept in check
  16. Nice bitch, them galgos must have good feet for the ground they run on but still they must get there fair share of injuries looking at some of that rock hard ground they run on, it must of just been the pic that made that one toe look swollen
  17. Looks like it’s had a knocked up toe there, see no good them cat feet
  18. Any good ? I’m always a bit warey about buying a bottle of scotch that I’ve never tried before incase it’s no good
  19. Pitta bread dipped in olive oil and if there lucky also dipped in a bit of taramasalata
  20. I’ve always fed twice a day all year round with that being a light meal in the morning and a heavy meal at night but obviously not being fed on the morning if they are going to be working that day
  21. Do you think adult dogs are better off being fed once a day or twice going off that theory ? I also agree food shouldn’t be left down all the time as it can make them picky and they will eat at different times which is not what you want for a working dog when you have a heavy work load planned at a certain time so they will want feeding at a certain time.
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