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  1. Nice one Ant. Love the resin work. My lad has bee trying a bit of the epoxy resin projects. ATB Griff
  2. You have got the hang of the leather-work.
  3. Very nice! You take good pictures as well.
  4. Been busy with other things so not made a knife for a while. There is a KITH over on EM and the challenge was to make a Puukko form recycled materials....right up my street. Blade ground form a HSS industrial planer blade. Handle is stacked from recycled brass, copper, stainless and filled in with denim Micarta. All cast onto the handle in a oner then ground to shape.
  5. Cracking job! The lanyard eye on the pommel is a nice touch.
  6. Always the perfectionist! Look forward to seeing the end result.
  7. That's a real beauty! As much a work of art as a piece of engineering!
  8. Very nice! Is the etched palm tree x swords a new maker mark or specific to client? Griff
  9. Looking good. Those will be nice blades.
  10. Nice. I love to see vintage stuff restored. I had one and turned t into a crane for the kids climbing frame.
  11. Not to be used for picking belly button fluff!
  12. A flap disc on an angle grinder gives a quick re-grind. Be careful not to blue the blade... if it a new disc and you don't put too much pressure on it will be fine. Dip in water if you think it is getting too hot. Also great for sharpening axes. Griff
  13. Love the detail on the brass spacers....any chance of a close up? Griff
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