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    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Nice video.
  2. GruffaloGriff

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  3. GruffaloGriff

    Little and large ........

    Very nice.
  4. GruffaloGriff

    Herb chopper

    Thats classy mate.
  5. GruffaloGriff

    Course stone suggestions?

    A flap disc on an angle grinder gives a quick re-grind. Be careful not to blue the blade... if it a new disc and you don't put too much pressure on it will be fine. Dip in water if you think it is getting too hot. Also great for sharpening axes. Griff
  6. GruffaloGriff

    a drop point Jäger with damascus

    Fantastic craftsmanship
  7. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Work of art
  8. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Love the detail on the brass spacers....any chance of a close up? Griff
  9. GruffaloGriff

    Knife style

    Yes i like the forged texture left on knives. P1080631 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1050757_zpswmyfet5q by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1090361 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1040576_zpsdtj8jtwt by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr
  10. GruffaloGriff

    For the knife makers .....

    Nice looking blade Elchapo.
  11. GruffaloGriff

    A small Nicker knife

    Nice little knife. Cracking Job!
  12. GruffaloGriff

    Four hour knife .......

    Once a blade-smith......it get in your blood!
  13. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Ah yes the materials.....another reason i make most of mine out of re-cycled materials.....keeps the end cost down...meaning more sales......and a better hrly rate for me! But in seriousness it is a whole another ball game if you are using expensive materials and yes you need to charge for them!!! Here is a 100% recycled material knife of mine....OK so i bought the Kydex for the sheath but the rivets are old gas pipe, the lanyard an old boot lase etc. P1060496_zps1zelylq7 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1060501_zps6vqkwqii by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1060518_zps8azz1aar by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr
  14. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Still good time for a knife of that quality finish. I get mine roughed out and think wow 4 hrs and i have made a knife!...........then comes all the heat treating, refining, polishing etc etc and yes 20 + hrs later you have a superior hand crafted knife....not everyone will pay £200+ for such a blade ( personally my goal is not to drop below £10 hr charge out) Yes there are tricks & shortcuts to take the time factor down but there is no substitute for time when it comes to a top hand crafted package like yours! Griff
  15. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Cracking job!
  16. GruffaloGriff

    Four hour knife .......

    Ho about a Damascus blade.......... in 3hrs. VID
  17. GruffaloGriff

    Shooting/mooching stick

    Nice sticks Jok. Love working with holly.
  18. GruffaloGriff

    Shooting/mooching stick

    Very handy, spot on for an air rifle rest.
  19. GruffaloGriff

    Finished this today

    Thin cooking oil, pre-heated with a piece of scrap angle dropped in it is my go to for quenching with known steel. I have found i can't always get unknown spring steel to get the file skating hardness with oil quench so have been experimenting with differential water quench to get the the additional hardness with good results. Also leaves the spine softer and tougher for big blades that will take a lot of abuse.
  20. GruffaloGriff

    Finished this today

    I use a lot of leaf spring and it makes a decent blade. It can vary but i have found a differential quench in water gives the best results for a durable cutting edge. Just quench the cutting edge of the blade and hold it long enough so the heat left in the spine won't transfer back again. Water gives a harder quench than oil but it isn't safe to quench the whole blade in water with spring steel as it is very liable to crack! I know from experience.
  21. GruffaloGriff

    A bigger one..

    Looking great. Nice Job.
  22. GruffaloGriff

    Acid etching

    Very interesting.
  23. GruffaloGriff

    Finished this today

    Very nice. You are getting the hang of it
  24. GruffaloGriff

    Little and large .......

    Looking good. What steel did you use?