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  1. I'm selling all my guns as I'm moving abroad pm if any intrest !

  2. Happy what ever you like have a good one

  3. Is it me or has this site sold out ?

    1. Outlaw Pete

      Outlaw Pete

      Care to elaborate?


  4. Been 30 degrees today love it hope it stays like this until November .

  5. I decided to use the self service checkout at Tesco this morning. Next thing I know I am employee of the month.

  6. Who and where was the thread for I phone attached to scope I want the make it yourself one :)

    1. bobcullen79


      Thats not it on the 1st page of reloading and optics is it?

  7. I'm so fed up with this country it's so cold wet miserable and so bloody pussy whipped ?? What's to stay for the huntings better abroad ?

  8. A neo-Nazi trial has opened in Germany. If successful they hope to roll it out across Europe by the end of the year.

  9. Did my first glider flight today .. Crazy loved it :)

    1. .WARREN.



    2. hawki


      that sounds good did you do much prep

  10. Spooky !! Inter-hotel espace i stayed there last week !!

  11. Whatever North Korea are planning, I hope they do it soon and put us all out of our misery before Britain's Got Talent starts again.

  12. Where's Paulus today ?? Has he got up yet lol?

  13. Personally, I think we should let Lance Armstrong keep his awards. Last time I tried to ride a bike when I was stoned I ended up in a hedge.

  14. Might have a beer in a bit considering I haven't had one this year !!

    1. gwendevine
    2. paulus


      another couple of hours and i might partake of a couple

    3. The Duncan

      The Duncan

      new years resolution - I'm giving the hooch a rest!

  15. Happy new year u lot I'm off to bed have a good one :)

  16. Anyone got a spare 11mm scope mount 25mm tube ?? Pm me cheers

  17. I've just noticed that the calendar on my desk finishes on the 31st of December. Here we f#cking go again !!!!!

  18. This rain & weather & Christmas :( I need to get outside !!

  19. Happy Christmas everyone !

  20. Hangover nearly gone !!!

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    2. paulus


      hare of the dog its working for me.... lol


    3. Sjt657


      Just about getting there too !!

    4. charlie nelly1

      charlie nelly1

      there are lots of woods pall thats all

  21. I need a lump of wood for a stock I'm making if anyone can help pm me please ... I will pay ;)

    1. charlie nelly1

      charlie nelly1

      what you after pall?

    2. Sjt657


      Anything really !! Cheers

  22. So Derek Branning has been having sex with someone he shouldnt and goes to light up a cigar. Will the BBC ever learn?

    1. tb25


      Why would anyone sleep with a fat, ugly, greasy, horrible sod like that?


      Hasn't Derek Branning got any standards?

    2. shaunpauls7
    3. BADSANTA.


      shes not wife material .., but i so fu*king would ha ha

  23. Rain ! ! ! At least the vans getting a wash :)

  24. The wife's booking a holiday ... Hot I hope !!

  25. No kids until Sunday !!! :)

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