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  1. Lets hope for a few bunnies!

  2. Don't think his father wants grandkids
  3. A very productive night there, Well done to yourself's and the mutts.
  4. Hoping to head out myself. Although the weather don't seem too promising here. Hope you have a good night bud.
  5. What an experience! Amsterdam was unreal.....

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. bobcullen79


      You have a good time then bud? I did, done some money though. Wont go with mrs next time..

    3. scothunter


      aye its certainy not the cheapest city ive visited thats for sure.

    4. shaunpauls7


      Lol was fantastic and definitely an experiance. I was there for 4 days and spent a months wages. Done more than window shopping lol But would be on the cards again for a weekend away. I went with a mate from work and he smoked two oints and hit the floor in the middle of the bulldog , But he made up for it when he ordered himself a female escort to the hotel room. Lol

  6. Good to see people getting out and about again. Had my first night out on the lamp last night and bagged a few bunnies with the pup. Atb
  7. Cracking night lamping with the pup last night. It's safe to say the penny has dropped!

    1. GrCh
    2. Big_Al


      wish my pup would, still goes at everything a million miles an hour and over runs em. ah well still plenty of time yet.

  8. Pups performance to night was out standing and put a few in the bag.

  9. Anyone help me out. I can't start topics or make post's on here ?

    1. paulus


      will take a look


  10. New variable striker came today, chuffed!

  11. Looking to upgrade my lamping kit for this year.So I'm looking to buy lithium battery and charger(preferably deben). If anyone has one for sale it would be great if you could pm me with the information. Not sure on what amp I'm looking for as I've not a clue? If anyone could help me with that it would be much appreciated. All the best for the coming season. Shaun
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