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  1. Hi I have got hold of and old springer covered in camo tape I have stripped it all off and sanded the stock I was going to colour the stock and varnish but the stock has come up a nice colour I just want a very clear finish on it what’s best ????
  2. Sadly for sale my custom walnut stocked rat catcher .22 single shot comes with 8-32x50AOEG taco scope. £100 make me an offer collection only I will not post please don't ask.
  3. For sale as I am moving abroad. I want £350 make me an offer it comes with scope red dot flash light bipod and with a custom midnight knife and flint. Collection only I will not post please dont ask. http://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg554/Sjt657/9612ead5cdb10f12ada1cfd6ab107fa8_zpsb8abd0fb.jpg http://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg554/Sjt657/338ca7f67fd807d2a44b6580f390dc5b_zps52d92742.jpg I'm near portsmouth Hampshire the south
  4. Gun cabinet hold 6 guns without scopes I can fit 4 with scope ammo compartment at the top 2 locks 4 keys collection only £100
  5. Sadly for sale my custom walnut stocked rat catcher .22 single shot comes with 8-32x50AOEG taco scope. £120 collection only
  6. True !! £700 Portsmouth
  7. For sale hw100T 1.77 with 2 14 shot clips mamba lite scope 4x16x44 scope. Comes with gun bag. Please do not ask I will not post collection only.
  8. I would have to get smashed to work in London
  9. I'm selling all my guns as I'm moving abroad pm if any intrest !

  10. Thanks guys honest answers is what I need
  11. As above im moving im of to live abroad and I'm not going to take my guns as I'm not sure where I could use them out there. It's very sad to say but what do you think I could get for my pride and joy ?
  12. Happy what ever you like have a good one

  13. Haven't been in wh smiths in over 20 years lol but thanks
  14. I'm after a gun stand I have seen them on gun star .. Big red box that holds your gun when you work on it. I have tried e bay couldn't find one help !!
  15. I can see anything it the page is closed
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