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  1. R.A.W

    Show In Wales

    A cracking show
  2. has the good lady made the tablet yet No such luck jim .
  3. No. .................Are you saying that to everyone now so you can have more food to your self
  4. Did someone mention a Fishing comp
  5. R.A.W

    Fao Of Anybody Working Their Dogs With Bops

    If I honest it's not my thing either but getting him broken to birds would be a start surley . Could you pick a game bird up from a market there and keep it in the garden . When dickhead is bomb proof with it you could eat . This is the pup you had from the guy up the road is it ?
  6. Lol......I'm too forking late
  7. R.A.W

    Uploading Vids From Photobucket ?????

    Thanks I'll look into that
  8. Any ideas ladies and gentlemen ??
  9. R.A.W

    Anybody Had This Injury ........

    Old age creeping in I say
  10. R.A.W

    Lost Hounds

    Happy to hear that......alls well that ends well
  11. R.A.W

    Price Per Day For Hounds

    I enjoy doing shoots because a good keeper knows the ground well, by that I mean where to postion guns and whats on the ground. The problem is if a keeper is too good there isn't alot about.
  12. R.A.W

    Straight Seasoned Sticks

    diolch............They look good enough to me!!
  13. R.A.W

    Straight Seasoned Sticks

    what are you using as a finish TC ?