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  1. View Advert 224 barrel blank new never used 224 barrel blank 24 inch ss 1:12 match barrel Advertiser riflehunter583 Date 06/10/18 Price £320.00 Category Rifles Calibre .22  
  2. a good way to look at the difference is 250fps. 22250 produces about 250 fps more speed with exactly the same bullet. for that extra 250fps you need to add more powder, create a little more noise and have a little more recoil with a little less barrel life. if it were me i would have a 243 instead of a 22250. brass for 223 and 243 is very common
  3. if government wants to save children they need to stop letting bad people through the border or certain gangs rape and destroy young children. honest gun owners will be hit most by this criminals will just get guns on the black market in fact it seems some bad people are using acid now wheres the gp report to buy acid? My experience is police are frequently failing to stop crime or catch criminals. honest gun owners are a soft target
  4. its worth cutting a new crown and making sure ammo is sound
  5. scope View Advert foxfire scope 10 - 40 x 50 and mounts for sale 30mm tube mounts fit onto picatinny rail Advertiser riflehunter583 Date 26/08/18 Price £159.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  6. recorded this early this morning using eley solids. to be fair took longer for the crow to die this time. I know I know sack the camera man!!! ha ha
  7. Your findings the same as mine: Eley solids; there all about the same except for quality. 1080fps 40g solid bc around 0.150 They do the job I need them to do. OBVIOUSLY the hollow points expand and the solids don't but the solids are way more accurate and do the job fine on crows. I hit a crow last week 187y sitting on a post. the solid killed it instantly. It did not twitch at all. Just hopped one inch in the air then fell motionless. totally dead. The point is can a deer stalker kill this cleanly/humanly? Or an slaughter house? As freedom of a bird states, with
  8. good shooting there mate thumbs up i must confess i only use eley target ammo in my 22 now but the velocitors were alot of fun to use and accurate also if you enjoy using the hv stuff why not they are as cheep as chips?
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Driveway-Alarm-Wireless-Pir-Motion-Sensor-Alarm-No-Wiring-Required-/401252432241 Driveway Alarm - Wireless & Pir Motion Sensor Alarm - No Wiring Required
  10. i brought a rifle that came with said moderator. I always have used it on fac air and 22lr for years with no internal problems. mine has steel baffles not sure if its for air or rimfire. anyway i moded the mod buy removing material and putting my own material inside and also put my own metal to hold material between the baffles. its now even quieter than it was before on both fac air and 22lr and not caught fire in 2 years i had a marksman air rifle mod which is very quiet on fac air. maker said he would use it on 22lr, but it was not specked for that. so i
  11. at a guess that looks like a cz. just brought a 223 one of those 527. the guy let me test it before shooting and I got a feeling with time it will be a shooter.
  12. an ex army boy said he could shoot into 6 inchs at 400 yards with an sa80 and susat. how true this is i have no idea. not accurate enough for hunting but good enough to shoot on my local 500 yard range, save the brass for varminting
  13. i have loads of once fired ggg brass thought i might try some 50 g v max in them with some durable primers
  14. Thinking of buying a cz 527 varmint in 223. Has anyone been using their cz527 223 with 5.56 rounds? I noticed this on the cz website Q: “Can CZ rifles chambered in .223 fire 5.56 ammunition safely?” A: All of our .223s will happily eat 5.56. Since our factory is in Europe, we build everything to CIP spec, which doesn’t differentiate between the two cartridges and just has the higher pressure as its standard. So the CZ .223s will shoot everything from the cheapest Russian steel to match .223 brass ammo.
  15. its possible but not advisable I try to limit to 60 yards when shooting fox with 22lr. I found subs dump energy into the fox more where velocitors go right through stun the fox and possibly getting back up again after a few minutes
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