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  1. Just seen one posted on the freeads pages
  2. Was this on the freeads mate cos I was watching one on there but didn't fancy the rebluing job if so looks like I missed out
  3. Help required guys I've got a bsa r10 and have been offered a huma reg off a mate of mine, it was easy removing the huma but the reg on my gun has a cap n stopping me removing the reg, can the cap be removed Diy or is it a Gunshop gunsmith job
  4. I've a slot on my ticket for an fac 22 air rifle rekon 25 fac would have been nice
  5. If it had been the 22 phill I would have been keen mate but just parted with a 25 as it was ok for short range ratting but my range finding eyes not as good these days and the 25 a bit loopy
  6. Ok guys having a bit of a sell off Guns, related stuff and fishing gear all to fund a new gun, I'm fancying a bsa r10 just like the look of them, I've held one in a Gunshop and also like the feel of them in the shoulder. Any views on them would be welcome
  7. Air rifle moderator View Advert Air rifle moderator for sale guys Durham area £20 Advertiser bilbobagins Date 04/10/18 Price £20.00 Category Moderators  

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    Air rifle moderator for sale guys Durham area £20


  9. All too heavy I've got a tuned 95 shoots almost as sweet as a pcp and lite enough to carry round a field all day
  10. Gun sold guys Advertiser bilbobagins Date 02/10/18 Price £100.00 Category Airguns
  11. bilbobagins

    Bsa superstar

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    A rare bsa superstar .25 for sale bluing not the best but action works fine asking £100


    , Durham - GB

  12. I've never used the green tins mate as I'm still using what blue tins I've got
  13. Guy had a few guns up looked nice on the foto he also had an ultra which he described as tatty but working ok and wanted 170 for, he seemed genuine and was only 30 mins from me which is why I noticed it, didn't no where u were from Phil just thort I'd mention it incase you weren't too far away
  14. Depends where your at saw a nice tactical scorpion for sale in free ads at Middlesbrough £350
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